yup i'm a Taurus  

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so i cracked open my astrology book (the only astrology book you'll ever need) just now and installed the cdrom filled out my birth stuff and of course it gave me all the mumbo jumbo which i still don't understand but then they gave me kind of an overview of me....pretty dang accurate though i still don't feel like a leader at all in life

"Your career is characterized by guiding, encouraging,
taking care of others and, by example, teaching
responsibility. At its essence, your work assumes a
parenting role. The public sees you as an authority,
an expert, and powerful leader. Your career may start
small, but with persistence and patience (which you
have about your work even if you don't in other areas),
your work becomes a shaping force in people's lives."

The Wall Street Journal explains the Loudness War.  

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For years many musicians, producers and music fans have been crying foul about the “Loudness War“. This is when a mastering engineer compresses and limits the dynamic range of a song to make it louder to the point of ruining the music. Many times it’s not the engineer’s fault as he or she is just following directions from the label or the band. It makes some sense you would want your album to be louder than others as it would stand out but when everyone is doing it the end effect is music is simply ruined.
Things have finally boiled over with the release of the new Metallica album Death Magnetic. Apparently it sounds so squashed that even their metal head fans can’t stand it. To add fuel to the fire a version of some of the album tracks appear mastered more tastefully in the newly released Guitar Hero 3 (video game).
“Music released today typically has a dynamic range only a fourth to an eighth as wide as that of the 1990s. That means if you play a newly released CD right after one that’s 15 years old, leaving the volume knob untouched, the new one is likely to sound four to eight times as loud. Many who’ve followed the controversy say “Death Magnetic” has one of the narrowest dynamic ranges ever on an album.” - wsj.com
I’m pleased this is getting attention because I personally can’t stand the smashed sound. It’s fine when it’s part of the artistic endeavor (such as any song by Justice) but other than that I find it seriously unpleasant.
The Wall Street journal has a great interactive graphic online comparing the sound quality of an old and new Metallica track: click here
If your a Metallica fan (I’m not) you can sign a petition to have the album re-mastered: click here
Read the full Wall Street Journal story: click here
Wikipedia’s entry for the Loudness war: click here

sushi and sake...equals YUM  

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so since i actually got paid this friday I actually was able to purchase stuff....so for my treat i purchased a sake set (sake bottle and 2 sake cups) because i wanted to try warm sake and the easiest way it to get one of these bottles and put some water on the stove and but it on med...just enough to warm but not boil the water..then just put the bottle in the water with the sake in it. i definately like it alot better then normal...it takes the edge off and you can taste the flavor better...but on my break at work i had sushi for my lunch...it was yummy.

last night was fun too. i went out with a few people after work and had a few drinks ( i had 2 pints of lager and a shot of jager) but we had a lady along with us and yeah....we had to carry her out (which was a first for me) most people that i've ever been with know there limit...well not too long ago like a year and a half ago i went over to someones house...but didn't have my car so it was one of those i had to kinda just went along with everything.....but i had an empty stomach when i had drunk (but i really was hungary and wanted something to eat badly) well i started drinking....like i normally do...whoops i fucked up (never drank with an empty stomach before) so yeah i threw up in no time. but yeah last night (or the night before now), i really needed that. since well i haven't actually went out since i got down here, and i had a really good time.

I'm cruising  

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so now on top of getting my whole schooling thing going i'm also now being trained in reflexology. granted i got awhile to go before i can be certified, also with my mom and her schedule and my schedule it will take a while...but basically were going to be doing it an hour here and hour  there...but everytime i study or read about it i need to put my hours down because it's just like flying  a plane....it goes by how many hrs...i'm not sure what the min hours are that you need to be certified my mom apparently only has 140hrs on her certification but she said it would be great if you can get 200...the more the better it looks i guess on the certificate.......but yeah so i got roughly 200hrs well 199hrs to go now before i'm certified.

The whole fucking world's against us dude, I swear to God....  

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I really don't know why i'm posting this but whatever....i'm feeling sexy and confident and my life is finally planned and i'm going to it and nothing is going to stop me....YOU HEAR ME WORLD...FUCK YOU, YOUR NOT STOPPING ME AND HOLDING ME BACK THIS TIME.

see i've been even thinking about well if i can't find a place to stay that i can afford what i'll do is...there is laundry mats in every town...so thats my clothes taken care of. then i can get a po box there is my mail taken care of...then i can join a gym or something and throw like $500 down so that will cover staying fit and showers......so boom i stay clean and smell good but i can still live in my car if i have too.....this is what i want to do and nothing and i mean nothing is going to fuckin stop me...it's only a year long course...if i so have to rough it i will.....plus i'll have my lovely mac computer to keep me company....booya!!! when i get that thing i think i might actually cry because i really could never see myself actually getting a laptop let alone a macbook pro (which starts out at $1999).

oh and for all you people that read this and i haven't mentioned it to you....my future plans are as follows...get my GED by the end of the year (NO MATTER WHAT). Then in 2009 is the goal get the finacial aid i need to pay for my tuition into Full Sail University and i'm going to get my Associates degree in Recording arts....where i'm going to go from there i'm not entirly sure just because there is sooo many paths you can take...for my personal gain i just want to learn how to mix and master my music.....but for my professional gain...i don't know i'd like to be a producer but then again i could be a sound FX guy......basically going around recording shit and combining them to make a certain sound for like a monster or whatever the case may be for games or movies....i don't know alot to think about.

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google has just made me the happiest person alive  

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It's just in beta and not really feature packed but i've been waiting for a long time for google to bring this out (though i wasn't sure if they ever would bring something like this out) FINALLY GOOGLE BROWSER....it's quick it's sleek it's compact...one of the great features though is each tab is running on it's own process.....so if one gets bogged down the whole browser doesn't have to shutdown...just that tab.

the only disappointing thing is there is no real google implementation so far (besides google search) but i really want google bookmarks and google reader....and auto form would be really nice...but that will come in time i'm sure. it just came out not too long ago....to see and install it click on the title.

hopefully it will be available for mac in the future too

The path has been set...hopfully  

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Someone very close to me just gave me a wake up call.

For a long time I have been trying to fight the system not really the typical system that people refer to (you know like "the machine"). but the things that your supposed to do to progress in life....i've fought that for a long time there is prolly an even deeper story behind it but i can't seem to dig it up but my excuse has always been "i want someone to love me for me, not what i've accomplished or what i make." and just recently someone who i highly respect and oozes love told me it's not enough...and with her i know without a doubt that is true because she is an honest loving person and wouldn't think irrationally like i think most women do....so she is stuck in a jam right now in her life...i won't get into details because it's not my place to say anything.....BUT it did wake me up....what am i doing...and who am i doing this for in my life. I'm not getting anywhere and i'm feeling like i'll never get anybody in my life.....so i'm making the move. whether it works out or not i can always get enough money to start over again.....my action plan by the end of this year have my GED i'm screwing the classes and just going for the test if i fail it get up and try it again...i mean i'll brush up on my math skills at home since well i only really need to worry about fractions and that crap...which if i remember they are easy i just forget how to do it. then next year work on getting financial aid and start college and major in audio engineering...if i can have 2 minors i'll go for public relations (i seriously need to learn how to not be so antisocial and most definitely if i'm planning on doing what i would like to do). and then another minor would be theology just for my own personal knowledge.

so thats the plan.....i really like this music stuff.....even though i have no music theory really...i mean i know some basic stuff...i enjoy it even though i know my stuff aint the greatest....which usually i'll drop stuff very quickly if i'm not getting the best results right way.....yeah i know stupid but thats just how i am...so i really think this will be a great thing for me...i will get to meet new people and network....something i need to really work on just in life in general...but yeah i want to do my own music but i'd also am looking to become a producer for other bands....and i'm iching already to get a studio built just for myself...so i figure why not go for it because i aint getting any younger and in life you really just have to pick something because the reality is most of us will never know what we truly want to be...and there is always more time to go to school to try something else down the road if i'm truly not happy with this.

plus then i will also have the reiki and reflexology too on the back burner

I'm A PC...  

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is it just me or is Bill Gates actually having to do something because he realizes his empire is starting to slip...no one is happy with vista and there either A. going back to XP. B. Going for the mac..which from there adds it seems like that is the trend and there trying to stop that. C. going to linux.

heres a funny edited advertisement from windows that a mac lover made...you have to watch it to the end to actually get the joke.

Gift of a thistle  

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well haven't written a blog in a few days but i think i will right now.

 i got my midi controller yesterday......and let me tell you...i wanted to throw that thing against the wall yesterday....that was the most annoying thing to set up and i mean just to get it to install the drivers not even the actual programing i'm going to have to learn so it can do what i want it to do...because there is sliders and knobs and buttons and pads that are completely programable to do whatever you want well they do have basic templates for different programs but they still might not do everything i want it to do...so i can program each one do to whatever.

but anyway the quickstart guide says like everyone quick start guide says for any computer prepherial.....don't plug in the device....put in the cd first then install the software/drivers and then you can go ahead and plug in the thing and everything should be happy day....well it wasn't. the computer reconized it but my programs didn't.....what they failed to tell me in the installation process is....don't plug it in (which i anyway it has an on off switch) put the cd in the drive install the software......DON'T TURN IT ON BUT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER......then you can turn it on...........i don't know how many times i installed, uninstalled and reinstalled that thing...i even took an hour nap cause i got so fustrated....then on top of that i came home from work after i thought everything was fine and granted i played around with it a little bit then i went to go watch a video online and my sound is gone......so i spent a few more times restarting my computer and installing sound drivers on my computer.......now EVERYTHING IS FINALLY WORKING......pissed me the hell off.

but anyway so i downloaded a keyboard learning program because i don't want to just do the computer music thing i actually want to learn how to play the keyboard.....and the really cool thing about these software programs is there actually meant for midi keyboards/controllers.....so basically what that does is makes your learning 10x better like you actually have a teacher...it knows what your pressing, when your pressing it....so basically it knows what your doing and if your doing it right or not....pretty dang cool in my book......i'm learning mary had a little lamb....of course...those really fun songs to play (joking people). but first song i really want to learn is the brave heart one...you know the one.

and i'd also like to learn to play Evanescence My Immortal

And richard marx right here waiting

these are some of my most favorite piano based songs...they sweep me off into another world it seems

Computer music is not easy to make....why? Read on  

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Okay at first i thought like everyone else that anybody can do music on a computer....i totally take that back.....yes anybody can do it but what really makes it hard (if your actually serious about it) is you have to learn how to program the snyths. cause well 1 using presets is really just lame (yes i will be doing that though as i learn). but learning to program is quite an art really.....if you take away a synths ablilities to morph a sound...it's a very very annoying electronic beep no one and i mean no one would want to put that in music it's just is boring and a dead feel to it...and it grinds the ears. but thru programing you can literately take that annoying ass sound and turn it into a work of art essentually and let me tell you just from taking a little time here and there to try to create a certain type of noise (even though i kind of know what does what) is freaking HARD!!! so saying it's an "easy" way to get into the music business and there is no talent to techno and stuff...until you get your hands dirty trying to do it...shouldn't make such a comment....people spend years learning how to program synths......so it's like any instrument...granted playing a snyth isn't brain sergery in fact as long as you keep a basic scale you can make a pretty kick ass snyth lead....the challenge is in the bread and butter.......i mean playing a guitar is hard to play (if you don't know how to play) but getting a guitar to sound like a certain way is reletivly pretty easy....i want metal sound...so get a metal based distorion petal.....so it's kind of like the challenges switch when it comes to snyth.....other intruments are hard to play but easy to get it to sound a certain way.....snyths are easy to play (but can be as challenging as any intrument if you wish) but hard to make it sound the way you want.....and granted alot of the sounds sound alike in techno industrial etc etc.....but you know what i really haven't found any presets that sound exactly like my favorite artists.....so guess what they make those sounds themselves and that is something that should be respected but instead people disreguard thinking it's cake........now down the road i plan on getting a hardware snyth because apparently all the old heads started on hardware (because there were no soft snyths) but i can understand where it would be easy to understand since it's more hands on instead of using a mouse to turn dials and what not.....i'm thinking about the Korg Radius most likely....lots of nobs to learn and fiddle with

so i'm really really thinking of throwing caution into the air here.....i'd have roughly $20 for the next 2 weeks for food if i do it and then of course if i need extra money for gas...hehe well you know how that would go....but i'm going to be ordering my axiom (midi controller) but i could throw in the audio interface in there as well...but again it would be a tight squeeze...then again i do got $15 in change in a jar here....but the reason why i want to sqeeze it in there is because of the payment options...if i just buy the midi controller sure i'll have it but i won't be able to do the music i REALLY want unless i have the audio interface....and i'm going the ez pay plan anyway so it breaks up the payments into 3 payments...so i won't be able to get the audio interface (because i'm not adding another payment later down the road without paying off the first one...that could just cause me troubles down the road) until prolly 3 months down the road...and if i want to do this (people that know me know if i don't continue to keep my interest and keep moving with something i'll drop it) i'll need to do it now other wise i'll loose interest (though i doubt i will in all seriousness but i want to get at least the basics so i can make the music) so i might just do it and worry later.....there is going to be alot of sacraficing anyway with this music stuff...but the really cool thing though about getting the audio interface is that is a huge thing out of the way.....that is the part that i will need to hook my mic up to for vocals...so that is a huge chunk of money out of my studio in the making. lol though the mic is roughly $800..i wanted to go cheap but Tom from assemblage 23 said thats the one thing you don't want to be going cheap on....so $800 m audio sputnik...granted it is expensive you do get quite a bit (lol well at least they can do that for you) you get a nice hard industrial metal case, a shock mount, dedicated power supply (which i shouldn't need since the audio interface comes with phantom power..but still nice they give it to you if you don't have phantom powered interface), mic cable and a soft cloth bag....why you'd stick it in that is beyond me since condenser mics are VERY fragile and should be treated with care......so the only things i'll need to get after i get the mic is a stand and pop filter.....which is nothing after spending that much on a mic.

then the thing that isn't sooo much a big deal but apparently it still is a big deal......i need to buy monitors cause apprently normal speakers don't cut it.....i thought since i have some bose speakers hooked up they would work fine but apparently they make normal speakers to sound good....where monitors are more like the musics true sound...and you can catch alot of stuff that normal speakers don't show you......but thats down on my list just because...well it's not a nessisty (yeah i can't spell whatcha gonna do about it) right now

Version 2.0  

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lol i haven't heard this album in forever....i had bought it when it came out about and i forgot how good it was and since it got scratched all to hell back in the day i'd figure i would download it...i hope they didn't breakup but something tells me they did....where is shirley...is she divorsed yet i'd still do many many evil things to her.

ah whatever it's a good album though if you haven't heard it. hmm so i decided i'm going to go with ablton for my first DAW (digital audio workstation) since it's got so much more options...granted if you buy just ableton by it's self i mean you can create stuff but it doesn't come with much (where Reason comes with just about everything you could want...except plugin support and audio) so luckly i got free VST's (virtual instruments basically) which will take care of that stuff....but yeah there is a learning curve compared to Reason so along with ordering my MIDI controller i might be ordering me a ableton live book....because well even when you buy the software you still have a electronic manual...i mean i guess it's good for the environment and shit....but come on i love my manuals and books.....give me something i can look at on my desk...instead of having to switch back and forth between the manual and the program on the computer....pain in the ass.

I don't know after having a really shitty day i got an email from Jess and she said 4 words in that email that made my day.....this is the stuff that i need every once in awhile from people to make me feel appreciated in life. all she said was "gods i miss you" thats it....but it lifted my entire shitty day and made me feel good...that i'm not forgotten is so important to me it's not funny....it sux to move away from people you care about...but then to find that they didn't care as much as you thought...because you don't here a word from them...until you move a decent distance away you prolly will never know how it is...but i already knew that jess would prolly be the only one when i left that would truly miss me (besides barb...but she is my second mom) and i was right.

anyway 2 days off and i'm excited booya.

Ableton or Reason...that is the question  

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debating debating...I can't really decide what i really want to do as far as software...okay i've been using reason for that song i've been working on...i love the software easy to use nothing ever to really worry about...i can make shit on the fly and record it nice and easy the software can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be....now the down side to this software no audio in...meaning nothing but the stuff they give you can you use (no vocals no guitar etc etc that you want to hook up to your pc or mac) that is a big draw back for me...i really want to do vocals. i mean it can be done but it's so tricky to do. because you have to basically record your vocals in another program then you'd have to slice it up in like recycle then put it in a sampler in reason and try to work out the timing.....or i can use another program that does everything and is a little less easy to use. then there is another problem is the it doesn't support plugins...so thats another big draw back...like i picked up a magazine that everyone tells you to pick up at least one copy of it (granted it's an import and cost about as much as a book $17 i paid with tax) but just the dvd that comes with it is well worth it...they give you absolutely everything you need to start playing music right away but it comes with plugins gallore and what plugins will do in this type of program is give you new instruments (synths,drum machines, samplers etc etc) as well as effects for your intruments and vocals....well reason can't use any of that.

now the next choice in my lineup would be most likely Ableton Live. It's a reletively new program and a little more learning curve then reason but it's alot more open then reason is...with alot of unque features. it allows vocals first and formost (but i need a better audio interface along with a better mic because my webcam mic is so crappy it won't allow me to record with it even if i want to test it out). then it allows me to use plugins so right now i have a huge arsonal of plugins...which is awesome for the person that might not have the money to be buying the big bad version of the software that contains alot of stuff. but then it's got alot of cool unque stuff about it...it's called Ablton LIVE because it can also be used for live use as well....they say it's great for DJ's but i'm not sure how that exactly works. but the really cool thing that i like is. i can create a whole bunch of loops (which in general that is really all a song is...you can break up a song any song just about except maybe experimental music into repeating loops) which they call clips i beleive in this program....so you can have multipule bass loops then your snyth loops then drums......and you can just press on them individually in different combos and have a improved song...granted you would want to make the loops yourself because pre-made loops are just lame...because well you didn't put any work into it. and then now for the kicker....you can take reason and rewire it into ableton live and it kinda (but not really) acts as a plugin......so basically i can get the ease of use of reason with getting the sound that i want out of reasons intruments then go into ablton rewire it into abltons mixer press record and start playing that intrument into ableton.....hows that for sweet. they say that the ableton reason combo is the best thing since sliced bread and i'd prolly have to agree.

i'm just debating which one i really want to buy first...because i really do want to purchase them to help the industry out...i think it might be ableton just for the sheer fact that whatever i buy i'm going to want to put vocals in as soon as possable so i'll need a roughly $1000 mic setup....and through some magazines i saw how to make a portable vocal booth (well it's not really a booth...but it will cut out all the crap in the room).

but anyway thats my dilmma

And God was saddened by his creation  

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Okay the other day i was at work thinking and it came clear to me how God must feel. because i understand how God feels to a certain extent. Alright follow me.

Everyday my heart gets broken a little more each day by the people I would like to call my friends. I love them very much each and every one of them. I'd do anything for them...in reason.

everybody calls out to God in there time of need. it's wierd even if they don't believe in a god at all at there death bed or if there in serious danger they will call out to god...it's a comfort tool for most and once they are out of that danger they forget everything mocking it up as well i was meant to get out of that danger or whatever that "rational" thought process might be and forget about god entirely. my what i'd like to call "friends" do this to me on a regular basis. when they need comfort, help, advice, ANYTHING...they will come to me. but just like the people with God once everything is fine and okay in there lives they forget i was even there....and it breaks my heart because i do love you guys. i do take time out of my life to try and be there for each and everyone of you.

Now don't get me wrong just like with God i do have a small amount "followers". people that have truly dedicated there life to our friendship these people include Brian, John, Jess, Barb, Cassie...yup i said Cassie if she can still be a true friend after all the shit that we went there and all the fights to the point where we wanted to slit each others throats anybody can take the time and effort that i do to be my friend. (and i hope kristen though i send emails and i make the effort to send a myspace msg but i never here anything back...unless i do send the myspace msg...apparently she can't call me for some reason or another but everyone else seems to be able to).

but I'm not God so i can only forgive so much before i feel betrayed and not loved as a person for being in each one of your lives. hopfully putting things into this context makes people understand how i feel....that is the #1 thing i have a problem with with religion and it does make me mad that i'm like that...when things are down i will go to religion...when things are up i don't need it.....i want to break that habbit but it's in our very nature to be like that when it comes to religion...but there is no excuse for using any of your "friends" as a stepping stool, an ego booster etc etc...time and time again.

some of my friends have totally dissapperd from my life I guess they truly found happiness...i miss them very much i haven't spoken to them in a very long while...like the beginning of the year just about.

well i can't really say more...you are my friends and I love you all and i really don't want to have to leave some of you out of my life.


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So this stuff is like clock work. yet it gets me every time. i don't know why it bugs me or why i can't even prepare for the blow. it crushes me every time.

I'm there for my "friends"...i wouldn't call most of them friends. most of them are female companions that i take a liking to. some (most) i know i'm not compatable. some (one) mean the world to me. I'm there for them because no one else seems to be I do this because i care for them very much. and when there in trouble everything is great i feel like i actually have a friend...maybe even possablly more. but I'm naieve soon as there problems are patched up. they don't need me and drop me so quick. i mean don't get me wrong there at least nice enough to give me 2 or 3 word responses when i try to talk to them...i guess i should be happy about that at least.

I know the proper thing to do...drop them like a hat (where did this exspression come from...doesn't make too much sense). but i know from exsperience the next one that comes around will do the exact same thing...history seems to repeat it's self. and how am i supposed to let them go when they mean so much to me.

people seem to love just playing with my heart......thats right though i don't know how hard it is for them...when everything is fine they feel loved in the person who there with....when everything isn't fine they might not have a physical love but they have someone there you could give them the most emotional love they could ever want...your right it does sound really hard for you.

where I have it easy.....alone constantly...for getting what it feels like to kiss someone let alone just hold someone.....having your emotions and feelings tossed aside everytime life gets better for that other person...yup nothing could be easier and less heart wrenching for me

i am a man here me roar  

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So i can't remember if i wrote a blog about my car fucking up and not being able to get any of my equipment that i was supposed to get.......but if i did oh well your hearing it again.

but suprisingly enough this little dorky nerd actually installed a alternator and it actually WORKED.....holy mother of god. the last time i tried fixing something on my car was on my taurus and i actually made it worse and had to take it to a pro anal fucker (because thats what there good at).

but anyway....pretty decent day today. i got my car working...that was a huge plus. then after that i went to advance auto parts and got my core charge back (a whopping $85...sweet) and then i went to walmart and got my core charge for my battery back too. then after that i went to bestbuy because i wanted to play around with my future computer (imac...btw who is buying that for me). I picked up the new slipknot cd because well frankly i could care less about slipknot much anymore (though i noticed when listening to it in my car i got into it a little bit more then i had when listening to it on my computer). but what can i say no matter what i think Corey is an amazing song writer and he seems to get better and better as time goes along......lol the dvd that came with it has corey recording his vocals (meaning nothing but his voice) and i am just thinking about awesome he is.....i might be a little gay for him...but can you blame me....i know hes actually just a dork like anybody else but soon as you here those vocals and his lyrics he turns from dork to cool....umm do people use the word cool anymore...or is that uncool to say cool...

oh sorry i just don't think i put enough of those "..." in my writing

then i went to borders and was JUST going to pick up a book which i did do that which it is a book about reason 4 - that link is a little sample of what reason 4 can do. the nice thing about reason is the way it's setup...it's setup just like a studio where it's all hardware racks.....and you can patch and wire stuff exactly the way you want to...plus the nice thing is if i ever do go into the studio (which i'm just going to make my room my own studio) i'll kind of know my way around at least the hardware part.

but as i was buying it i saw jack...you know skellington looking at me from behind the counter....they put out a new 2 disc (technically 3 disc) collectors edition of nightmare.....and i'm a sucker for cool packaging and extra shit.....so technically it doesn't have all that much more (at least from the back of the case) that the original has...but oh well...it's got cool packaging and a digital copy for your computer (even though i have programs to rip them on my computer...oh well).

then i went to work...i'm not sure why i picked up that shift cause i was really tired. but i made it through came home and my mom ordered pizza so that was nice...and we watched a movie.

after that i talked to my ex for a couple of hours (i think it was a couple) about events going on in our lives

and now i'm here writing a blog. and then i'm prolly going to read some of my reason book and hope that i can get my midi controller NEXT paycheck so i can start to use reason........i was going to use fruity loops. but FL is only available to windows...where reason (along with many others) is available for both MAC and PC so when i make that jump to MAC i can take my projects along with me, and i won't have to learn new programs all over again because i'll be using the same one i had beeen using. but i was playing around with some of the sounds today that garage band comes with and i gotta say for a beginning program that comes free with the MAC...you really can't beat that at all. but when i get my MAC i'm prolly going to be using LOGIC as well (more professional version of garage band.....equal to that of pro tools)

anyway i'm getting tired and i'm done with this blog.......i better be able to order my shit next paycheck...there will be hell to pay...i want to start making this shit happen