oh baby what fun  

Posted by Darkmaer

So I finished beating Assassin's Creed today. Still have alot of work as far as the small stuff with getting achievements such as collecting all the flags around the world and what not. but yeah totally badass game and it made my gamerscore over 6000 so i'm quite happy about that.
Also i had ordered a Christmas present for someone last week on eBay and it came today.....that was my first purchase on eBay in quite some time (a few years) but i never gave the one person i bought my first item (translated Berserk manga on cd vol. 1 to 24) from any feedback (was young and didn't know what the heck i was doing....just paid the guy and i was done on eBay for I'd prolly say up until recently) but yeah so this time i gave them feed back and now i have a 1 next to my name for positive feedback......so yeah i might be catching the bug....kinda like my 360 and achievement points.....that matters too me.....and just getting this gift was so quick and painless i might have to do it some more......so now that i'm thinking about it i think i want to expand the gift and really make it very cool....with money permitting that is.
but yeah.....i'm off to play some games.......been playing all day