Getting in the groove again  

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So today i updated my voters Registration and within a few days i'm going to send it off so i can vote in 2008. and boy do i hope ron paul gets it becuase without a doubt i think he is prolly the only that really is worth a damn in this whole election. anyway thats all i have to say about that.

yay a domain for me  

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so yay i'm kind of excited i got my own domain now. now i just need to figure out what i'm actually going to do with all this space i have. i guess i could put in a guest book or something. but i find those too cheesey and forums is too extravicant for a small who knows give me suggestions

This is embarrassing  

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SO with the $200 price drop in the iphone there is no doubt in my mind that i will get one. But with the iphone because of options with alot of stuff on the iphone there becomes problems and one of my main problems is E-mail. so far only apparently yahoo's e-mail has push mail for the iphone. Well until i get my phone this isn't tested but there is a program called emoze that can push my gmail account apprently with a downloadable app. also apprently AOL's e-mail service is IMAP compatatable (what you need to push your e-mail). so when i get my e-mail i have 2 choices but since the emoze is a download package i can't really tell if or how that will work....but i can set up my aol account. They have an option to make your own domain (even tho i think it is basically a forwarding system) but i set up my e-mail to be so when i get my phone it will be pretty snazzy (even tho every e-mail says sent with my iphone at the bottom of every e-mail it's still kind of cool that i got my jons iphone domain. so yeah and so far it is suprisingly a nice interface on the web too....tho i don't know my excitement might die later. it's just that it's new but i'm sure it will wear off and i'll still like gmail i just need to figure out how to foward at least my gmail account over to that one so when people still send me stuff it gets to me.

anyway thats all i have for now.


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So I treated myself since i actually got a decent paycheck and bought myself Bioshock. It's pretty dang good...well it's gotten a 10 out of 10 on reviews, so i kinda new it was going to be pretty good.

It's set in around 1940's So the enviroment kicks ass, But it's set in an underwater world that a guy created in order to get away from the worlds governments and of course doesn't work out. everyone is crazy. I'm getting ahead of myself tho. It starts off with my char. flying in a plane, and it wrecks in the ocean with this light house in the middle of nowhere. Once you go in there is only one real path...a diving vehical that goes down and goes into this underwater city. Well all i have to say about this's pretty damn scary at some points now that i'm farther alongin the game it's not too scary but when the game first started they did some crazy shit like picking up something the lights go out for a second. and you turn around and right in your face is a scary ass doctor. but anyway i'll post the trailor on here so you can see what it's like.

who wants to be the next contestent on who wants to actually date Jon  

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Well i think i'm going to try to be friends with this girl. But i have to move on with my feelings. So looks like i'm going to be going on a date with the next contestant that apparently actually wants to go out on a date and i don't even have to write a damn blog about myself (or video) so will see how it goes....i'm going to say maybe within the next couple of weeks that will happen...but she seems really nice lvl headed apparently wants a relationship and isn't afraid even tho she can't seem to find a nice guy either. So i'm excited about that. tho there are some downfalls tho i don't know how i will feel about it until i actually come to them. It's something i never really wanted to get involved with really but it's so hard to find a nice women in life...and from what i've seen of her she seems like a really genuinely nice girl...and from what i gather has a little freak side to her....but we shall see...someone that loves me for me and doesn't cut me off from her emotions and likes to express her emotions is what i really want.

anyway so here is attempt #4 since i've been single of a women that i like and could see something maybe come from it.....i'm getting really tired of this

One step closer  

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So the only thing that has been pissing me off as far as GNU/LINUX is the fact that i can't use my $100 webcam. granted i think the the positives out weight the negatives but it sure would be nice to have 2 support and syncing for phones (granted it does have some but not for the phone i'm going to be getting).

But i finally am closer....i got my webcam to work with there softphone called Ekiga which is basically like skype where i can call people that have an account or i can call people on land lines for a small fee.....but i'll never use that but the cool thing is i got my webcam to work on it.

and here is a fun little video of Pat Condell