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So I treated myself since i actually got a decent paycheck and bought myself Bioshock. It's pretty dang good...well it's gotten a 10 out of 10 on reviews, so i kinda new it was going to be pretty good.

It's set in around 1940's So the enviroment kicks ass, But it's set in an underwater world that a guy created in order to get away from the worlds governments and of course doesn't work out. everyone is crazy. I'm getting ahead of myself tho. It starts off with my char. flying in a plane, and it wrecks in the ocean with this light house in the middle of nowhere. Once you go in there is only one real path...a diving vehical that goes down and goes into this underwater city. Well all i have to say about this's pretty damn scary at some points now that i'm farther alongin the game it's not too scary but when the game first started they did some crazy shit like picking up something the lights go out for a second. and you turn around and right in your face is a scary ass doctor. but anyway i'll post the trailor on here so you can see what it's like.

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