It's becoming more clearly now  

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so whats up in the world of Jon you might ask?

Well for starters i've been getting alot of hours at my job which is good. been kicking ass on orange box (almost done HL2 then i think i want to move on to portal and check that out...then ep1 and then ep 2....and maybe teamfortress 2 some where in between). also my brother and I are going to be starting up a business. were going to first start off online. basically he does the business side i take care of the technical side (website, graphics etc etc) also i will be sending out the orders since for one if this business gets big enough i'll just quit Hot Topic and me working retail i have the hrs to work on shit and send out shipments where my brother really only has 1 in the end as of right now i will be getting half the income that we earn. tho i'm still not sure how exactly were going to be doing this...i say we start off small (even if it does drive some companies's a start) and open up a little ebay store. you can't do a whole lot with that as far as customizeing the site......but it's a start. my brother just got approved for his PA sales tax number and all that jazz to make himself able to legally sell stuff in PA. we already have a whole bunch of people that contacted us about selling there stuff that my brother contacted and basically they said you need the paper work before we can start doing business and then a few of the higher end companies want actual store fronts so there out of the question for now...tho i still think we can find a middle man to sell them at a cheaper price so we can sell the stuff and still make a small profit. But yeah as of right now i'm going to keep what were going to sell tight.......because i would feel like a douche if we never got up and running......but my brother is good with determination (with money) and if he has a chance to make the buck he will get in time i think it will take off....and i'll be able to live a little. and then i'll prolly take photography as a full time hobby.

Janurary 26, 2008 I'll be taking my lvl 1 Reiki training...which i hope that will take me to other places in my life....and be able to network with like minded people so i can prusue my dreams and make them a one biggest one is to take Christopher Panczak courses in New Hampshire but for that i will need to move up there for a little while. but i think it is something i really need to do....but yeah the hard thing tho (if i don't start putting some stuff off to the side right now) the Reiki classes start at $100 and then go up $100 each lvl (there are 4 lvls) so basically i'll be putting in $1000 by the time i'm done but then i can be a Reiki master and teach other people.....for profit...granted by profit it can be my mom wanted to teach me but with both of us being where we are in life it just isn't going to happen for awhile. but she said i could pay her with a cookie.....but it's just the method of giving and taking. and you can't get it for free you have to give something back to that that could be another future thing for me......teach people and at $1000 for each person i teach and in a group....that is some nice money......will it make a living no....but reiki will lead me into other things too

if anyone wants to know exactly what Reiki is then go to this site

but this is the Form of Reiki i will be taking

anyway it's always going to be a struggle every day but i feel my life is slowly opening up to what i'm meant to be doing....what is the final vision...i don't know but i think being a good person and doing things my way and not the way that society wants is finally going to pay off...and i hope to meet someone special along that way...or someone that i have already met sees me in a new light.

and i hope everyone that knows me has nothing but good feelings and vibes coming my way

In love and light
& blessed be

update in Jon Land  

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OK it's 12:30 and I'm wide always. so I haven't really written alot of bitching blogs or blogs at all really. which I guess that's a good means I'm happy and I don't feel like I need to vent my also shows that I'm not bored (except for right now) but since I'm bored I figure I would get people updated on my life right now.

Ok my life working out......I'm pathetic and out of shape to the core....I remember prolly even back in high school I could do 50 pushups no problem (yeah I know that still isn't much...but for someone how never worked out..not too bad).....well since I've started to work recently I realized how much I let life get to me and get me dragged down....I started with only 10 that I could do......I'm up to 20 now.....if I can get up to 100 per day I think I would be pretty damn happy........and tho I haven't counted I'm prolly up to 40 or 50 crunches....300 and I'd be super stoked about that.......I don't think I will ever do actual sit-ups tho since I do feel they are bad for your neck and back. but yeah so far I'm on a strong start...I've actually wanted to do it which is weird normally I have to be with a friend talking about it and you know do that lets do it and shake and all that shit......and a week later........we've given up.

Also I'm very happy with my comments on my pictures and thank everyone who has commented me on them. I can't wait to get a better camera......then I might be able to actually get some decent pics......since most of my subjects run away with how close I have to get to them in order take a dang picture. so SOMEONE NEEDS TO BUY MY PAINTBALL GUN!!!!! I'm actually quite excited to get this camera.

and sorry people about not making a video in some time.......I've been quite lazy about it and I've been really happy so I kind of put it on the back burner but my idea is still in my head and it will be put into a video when the mood really strikes me.

Blessings all

i want to pump you up  

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So I've started to work out. not really hard tho....taking baby steps don't want kill myself and it's not like i'm going to get a nice body over night. so i'm just doing crunches and pushups until my body can't take it anymore.....which as of right now that aint much working out.....but you gotta start somewhere. I guess i'm just tired of not being completely confident in myself......granted loosing weight still won't make my penis any bigger i will at least have some more confidence i didn't have before.......and granted i am not changing my diet at yeah i may have to actually work out more but i don't care i love food too much to not eat certain things.......and that is also why i could never become Anorexia nervosa (yeah i copied and pasted that shit). and i've already been taking walks outside in order to get shit off my mind so working the legs chest arms and stomach......thats all the places i care to...and we all know my fore arms are rocks....and we will leave it at that

so yeah that is jons update on life

Need to find a hobby  

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got to find a hobby

Alrighty people i've been in a pretty shitty mood this week...1 i'm not actually used to working that many hours.....i'm not complaining but to go from one extreme to the other puts a hit on you (but i will like the paycheck) and 2 women suck and i just have to deal with that.....when i'm 40 thats when they will actually know that dating assholes might not be such a good idea (i thought women were supposed to be the smart ones ouf of the sexes....guess not) so until that time i need a cheap (well it can be exspensive but as of right now cheap since i already have something to start me off with. but anyway.....i'm prolly going to be starting photography since art (no offense) is a waste of time don't need to paint a picture of the world when you can just click a button....granted painting something that is detailed and what not is quite amazing the only art that i care to see is abstract because you can't take a picture of that anyway i'm going to start taking pics of nature to begin with get a feel for it.......that way 1 i get outside and away from my computer at least for awhile 2 i get some excersize and 3 get my thoughts away from stupid shit like fucking women.

why did i decide to do this really.......when i went outside the other day to take out the dog.....the energy was amazing.....i don't know if i am very sensitive to energy (i do beleive i am...thats why i am the way i am with people....i can actually tell what kind of a person is without talking to them) but yeah that was an amazing feeling when i went out there.......and the smell just everything was there that made me want to just go for a hike....but i had to go to fuckin anyway thats what i'm going to do right now.....get a shower take the dog out and then head on out to the woods in front of my house (hopefully i can find some stuff) tho i do realize it's kind of a bad year for nature it self but i think i will definately be able to find some animals.......but maybe depending on my paycheck i'll pic up a new camera.....since mine is only 3.1 megapixels.....and quite bulky compaired to those sexy sleek ones out nowadays