Need to find a hobby  

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got to find a hobby

Alrighty people i've been in a pretty shitty mood this week...1 i'm not actually used to working that many hours.....i'm not complaining but to go from one extreme to the other puts a hit on you (but i will like the paycheck) and 2 women suck and i just have to deal with that.....when i'm 40 thats when they will actually know that dating assholes might not be such a good idea (i thought women were supposed to be the smart ones ouf of the sexes....guess not) so until that time i need a cheap (well it can be exspensive but as of right now cheap since i already have something to start me off with. but anyway.....i'm prolly going to be starting photography since art (no offense) is a waste of time don't need to paint a picture of the world when you can just click a button....granted painting something that is detailed and what not is quite amazing the only art that i care to see is abstract because you can't take a picture of that anyway i'm going to start taking pics of nature to begin with get a feel for it.......that way 1 i get outside and away from my computer at least for awhile 2 i get some excersize and 3 get my thoughts away from stupid shit like fucking women.

why did i decide to do this really.......when i went outside the other day to take out the dog.....the energy was amazing.....i don't know if i am very sensitive to energy (i do beleive i am...thats why i am the way i am with people....i can actually tell what kind of a person is without talking to them) but yeah that was an amazing feeling when i went out there.......and the smell just everything was there that made me want to just go for a hike....but i had to go to fuckin anyway thats what i'm going to do right now.....get a shower take the dog out and then head on out to the woods in front of my house (hopefully i can find some stuff) tho i do realize it's kind of a bad year for nature it self but i think i will definately be able to find some animals.......but maybe depending on my paycheck i'll pic up a new camera.....since mine is only 3.1 megapixels.....and quite bulky compaired to those sexy sleek ones out nowadays

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