i want to pump you up  

Posted by Darkmaer

So I've started to work out. not really hard tho....taking baby steps don't want kill myself and it's not like i'm going to get a nice body over night. so i'm just doing crunches and pushups until my body can't take it anymore.....which as of right now that aint much working out.....but you gotta start somewhere. I guess i'm just tired of not being completely confident in myself......granted loosing weight still won't make my penis any bigger i will at least have some more confidence i didn't have before.......and granted i am not changing my diet at all.......so yeah i may have to actually work out more but i don't care i love food too much to not eat certain things.......and that is also why i could never become Anorexia nervosa (yeah i copied and pasted that shit). and i've already been taking walks outside in order to get shit off my mind so working the legs chest arms and stomach......thats all the places i care to...and we all know my fore arms are rocks....and we will leave it at that

so yeah that is jons update on life

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