With beauty like this who needs a woman  

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Well yesterday i picked up my monitor. I backed off the 24" monitor because well to be honest i was impatient and i figured if i didn't like the 22" i could just return the 22" and get the 24". The only thing would be getting the 24" one for is size, USB HUB and the stand that it has (it goes back and forward along with up and down....the 22" only goes back and forward on the pivot). Another reason was "true HD" because on the internet it said the 22" only did 720i which when i picked up the 22" the manual says it can do 1080i so it is true HD...granted not for the VGA so i'll need to pick up a DVI cable. but it's beautiful.....so i'll save the extra $150 for maybe a desk and bed......because i really don't need a big desk....just a little corner one that i can put my xbox speakers and speakers and my new monitor on.

but the reviews were definitely right......the monitor would suck if it wasn't for the software...because you could never calibrate it properly so umm if the software is not compatible with your OS i prolly wouldn't buy it....granted it only needs to be calibrated once...so if your duel booting for example you would be cool....just get it calibrated and your good to go. because i unplugged it because i wanted the wires to go through the back of the stand (didn't do that when i set it up) and then i went to play xbox and i really noticed the colors were really F'ed up and couldn't figure out why i couldn't get the color correct through the monitor controls....so then i went back to my computer input and used the eztune software...basically just press one button and it's good to go......then later when i go to DVI i can use the Picture in Picture option because for some reason you need to have certain inputs cause some aren't compatible....but i just want to see how it works......if it works how i want it it will come in handy (change inputs quicker then going through the menu system) since playing games and using the internet when you get stuck is a very handy feature.......anyway thats all i got for now.

my library is coming to fruition  

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went a little crazy on the books this paycheck...and i think more is to come.

I bought Ron Paul's book The Revolution. I mainly got it because well some people are stupid and won't wake up to certain things if it's not a "reliable source" what ever that means really now a days. but i am also a fan of Ron Paul and want to support him in any way i can.

Then I Bought The Alchemist again. I had a copy technically still do but i let someone borrow to read and i know they won't have time to read it for a awhile and i think it's a book that everyone should read at least once so i bought another copy so they can keep the other copy. Thats what i'd always like to do cause i'm not a real fan of letting people borrow stuff....i mean if it's something that i want them to read it must be good. so if possible i like to actually buy the book so they can actually sit down and read it and let it sink in...and also to go back to for reference.

Then the other Book that i've been wanting to get i just never have gotten it was 1984. well i'm also a hard cover fan. can't stand soft since i like to keep my books around for a long time after for referencing and also i plan to in the future (if we stand up and stop the government from enslaving us) to have a library in my house...thats kind of my dream. but anyway they had 1984 but only in 2 versions and both had animal farm and 1984 in one book...though one was soft and one was hard. so i of course went with the hardbound one.

Now the next book on my list is Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. since it's kinda like 1984 and also the fact that it's prolly one of my favorite Covenant songs.

but anyway thats all i got for today....err going to get ready to start packing pretty soon.

Favorite song of all time  

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I know people it seems almost 2 hard to even say...taste change you evolve...but it's been going on 5years now and this song must always be on a playlist of mine somewhere.

Dear my love, haven't you wanted to be with me
And dear my love, haven't you longed to be free
I can't keep pretending that I don't even know you
And at sweet night, you are my own
Take my hand

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the morning light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where love is more than just your name

I have dreamt of a place for you and I
No one knows who we are there
All I want is to give my life only to you
I've dreamt so long I cannot dream anymore
Let's run away, I'll take you there

We're leaving here tonight
There's no need to tell anyone
They'd only hold us down
So by the mornings light
We'll be half way to anywhere
Where no one needs a reason

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you

Forget this life
Come with me
Don't look back you're safe now
Unlock your heart
Drop your guard
No one's left to stop you now



Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah

[Fades out]

Not really sure why i find this song to be my favorite song....I guess it's because the idea of true love and just wanting to get away from anyone and everything and just spend that moment with the one you love that i find it so special to me.

heres another great love song

Good movie too.....tho again in order to show love to the world (to grasp how powerful it is) either someone needs to cheat or die.

anyway enough of that crap....how about a laugh


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wow so i didn't think i was getting anything back from the IRS (notice i didn't say government) BUT I AM. i didn't think i was because my 2006 taxes were never filed. Granted it's no $600 like i'm sure everyone is getting but it ironically is the same amount as my monitor that i want to get is with the tax. so yeah that will definitely make my life a little less stressful for this move.

slowly but surely prepping for move  

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boy this weekend went pretty quick. non the less. So first step to needing stuff before i leave is complete. Since i was using my brothers LCD HDTV for my monitor for my room i needed A. get new speakers since i got rid of my old ones. so me being me i didn't really want to cheap it. i wanted good full sound but i also needed something small that i could actually hook up multiple sources to it (just my xbox and my computer) I really really wanted the Klipsch 2.1 THX system. but that had a flaw...no inputs besides 3.5 jacks on the side of the right satilite speaker......i could have made it work but something coming out the side of the speaker at all times didn't really float my boat and i really wanted RCA inputs since well i'm pretty sure you get a fuller and better sound then basically a headphone jack...i could be wrong but still. So in the end i went with something that doesn't have a sub woofer with it......yeah i know i wasn't crazy at first because for 1 the demo system setup was not working properly (big time). so i got it open and it easily fills the room with sound without it even turned up barely at all and they have 2 RCA inputs in the back.....and they gave me cable with one that goes in the back of the computer and of course the other is going into my xbox. But I went with the BOSE Companion 2 Series 2 speaker system. i figured well BOSE can make some great sound with small speakers so will give it a shot....it's got nice bass for not having a woofer....granted maybe down the road i'll get there 2.1 system. but right now i'm very satisfied with the purchase.

So whats the next thing well...a new monitor. since well my monitor that i'm using right now is very hard on my eyes....infact it quite hurts them half the time. but not only that but right now if i want to play my xbox i'll have to unplug my monitor from my computer then plug it into the xbox......very VERY annoying. So i need a computer monitor (that way it has screen saver functions...such as sleep mode...since i don't like to have to remember to turn off my monitor) as well as with TV imputs. such as component, and HDMI....and sadly it seems like only one company makes monitors like that. i had thought dell did but i guess they downgraded there features of there monitors because i remember theres being having some of the most features.....even having a card reader on them. well the best that they got....doesn't look all that hot and it only comes with HDMI. the Gateway monitor has a whole crap load of features and looks beautiful. including PIP (not that i'd use that EVER...but its there) it's got Component (the main thing i'm really wanting) DVI, VGA, and HDMI. a beautiful menu system. i feel that when i get this monitor i'll be really really HAPPY with it (too bad it don't come with a remote to change imputs). but yeah for the options and price it just can't be matched by any of the other monitors out there......and it looks slick as HPs sexy looking monitors. at least when turned one.....at first glance i think HPs monitors win hands down...very sleek looking monitors. but anyway thats what i'm prolly going to be picking up at the end of may....then the rest of june paychecks are going to be for saving to create a money blanket for gas so i can job search.

A Fine Frenzy  

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So i was on myspace and they had a spotlight music thinger......and of course i normally don't care but this time the red hair caught my eye.....this lady is pretty dang attractive and of course i have a weakness for red hair.....but the music aint to bad either

but anyway here is there.....her video (seems like any smart band...get a hot chick and let her rack in the money and just let the band play and keep there mouth shut.

Taken a walk  

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well i wasn't going to say this to my so called "friends" but since i know they don't give a damn about me enough to catch me writing anything on here.i'll post it here.

So i'm moving to North Carolina in the next coming months......i haven't talked to my mom enough to know when exactly but i'm shooting for july 1st. I think this will be a good thing for me. going to where hopefully where women arn't sooo dumb basically. and also with who my mom knows down there i think i can move forward spiritually alot more.

anyway thats really all i got to say..

Extra money equals what the hell why not  

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so my original ipod died on me like 2 years after i had it...the hard drive just stopped working on it....so i've been without an mp3 player for some time now. well i had some extra cash and wanted to get a new ipod so i got on of the newer (i'm sure by next week there will be a new one out) 8gig nanos (blue). even though i'd love to get a big one....with what happened to my last ipod being hard drive driven i'm going to stick with the flash memory devices that way there is less likely to fail...and sure it's nice to carry your entire music collection with you.....but it really isn't necessary it's just convenient.

but i got to say....the nano is packing...i'm amazed how much you can do as far as features go (basically everything it's big brother can do) and is not much bigger then a condom package lol and about as thick too. they did some improvements on the headphones too since i had my ipod...i think there a little nicer but still.....there just shitty headphones....the sound sux....i'll prolly pick up a pair of bose earbuds down the road since there only $100......but first and formost next for this would be a head unit that is compatible with it.

anyway i'm off to go watch my D&D animated series and fall asleep

New MSI album  

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So i havn't wrote a blog in awhile. been very busy with working (got overtime heading my way friday night). so i wanted to give my thoughts on the new MSI (mindless self indulgence for people that don't know). anyway i really love this album there is a few songs that have really poppy bits too it that really make it catchy. you can definately see that there taking there music a little more seriously since Frankenstein girls album.

but here are some of the songs on the album...there is still a few that arnt here that i really like....mastermind and get it up are 2 of them

MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE ALBUM...it's funny as hell -Issues-


this is what i'm talking about with the catchy poppy stuff...the beginning clap thing at the beginning of the song...the song wouldn't be that great if it didn't have that little catchy stuff.
- Revenge -

- Money -

- Lights Out -

Another one of my favs on the album. - Get it up -

Another one of my favs...prolly second favorite from Issues is - Mastermind - lol and they give props (yeah i said props) to PA...not sure why since PA sux...but i guess as far as music is concerned (mainly there type of music) Philly is a great place for it)

and heres the single...which personally i think there are alot better songs...but i guess with profanity they have to get something that doesn't have too much.

- Bomb This Track -

- Due - again poppy little jingle thing throughout the song...still love it

- On It -

- Never Wanted to Dance -

Ok people thats most of the songs on the album.......i think it's a great album...specially when your in a crappy mood and you have a little bit of some decent bass in your car...crank it up and you'll be feeling pretty good.