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Posted by Darkmaer

Well yesterday i picked up my monitor. I backed off the 24" monitor because well to be honest i was impatient and i figured if i didn't like the 22" i could just return the 22" and get the 24". The only thing would be getting the 24" one for is size, USB HUB and the stand that it has (it goes back and forward along with up and down....the 22" only goes back and forward on the pivot). Another reason was "true HD" because on the internet it said the 22" only did 720i which when i picked up the 22" the manual says it can do 1080i so it is true HD...granted not for the VGA so i'll need to pick up a DVI cable. but it's beautiful.....so i'll save the extra $150 for maybe a desk and bed......because i really don't need a big desk....just a little corner one that i can put my xbox speakers and speakers and my new monitor on.

but the reviews were definitely right......the monitor would suck if it wasn't for the software...because you could never calibrate it properly so umm if the software is not compatible with your OS i prolly wouldn't buy it....granted it only needs to be calibrated once...so if your duel booting for example you would be cool....just get it calibrated and your good to go. because i unplugged it because i wanted the wires to go through the back of the stand (didn't do that when i set it up) and then i went to play xbox and i really noticed the colors were really F'ed up and couldn't figure out why i couldn't get the color correct through the monitor controls....so then i went back to my computer input and used the eztune software...basically just press one button and it's good to go......then later when i go to DVI i can use the Picture in Picture option because for some reason you need to have certain inputs cause some aren't compatible....but i just want to see how it works......if it works how i want it it will come in handy (change inputs quicker then going through the menu system) since playing games and using the internet when you get stuck is a very handy feature.......anyway thats all i got for now.

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