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So i haven't wrote a blog in some time. I've been so Frickin busy in fact this week i thought even though i had to work friday into saturday morning i would at least have all sunday morning and afternoon to relax.....oh but wait i got to work at hottopic on this is my only freakin day......i'm so exhausted......i'm really enjoying myself though....i'm being productive getting ready for the move and getting my books ready and WOW!!!! just in spiritual books i got a 4foot stack about....and i'm sure theres more hidden in some drawers, under my bed and in my closet. but yeah crazy....and i just completed today all the major religions "holy" scriptures i of course got the bible KJV and NIV, and i got the book of mormon, and i have had hindusim book Bhagvad - gita since the holidays that i got from someone looking for donations and i gave them all i had which was a pathetic nine cents but he gave me that and another book. and today i picked up the Quran holy book of the muslims and as far as other interesting books i have the book of enoch the NAG Hammani scriptures (the gnostic the gospel of mary and what not) and today i also picked up the egyptian book of the dead.......because well people keep telling me that astro-theology is a bunch of bull and i want to find out for what better source then one of the oldest religions......way before the bible had even began to be written...since the egyptian's had there religion in place way before moses even started writeing his books. which i have to say i don't believe that one person mentioned in the bible actually wrote the bible...i think it was penned under there name but it was a different person entirely.

you know whats i find one of the "newer" religions is the ONE AND ONLY TRUE religion to me i find that i'm reading this one book basically bashing the hell out of every religion......which she does got some good points and then just when i think she might have something (without me actually studying it) she goes and fucks it up by saying something i know to be false.

for example and this is such a COMMON knowledge thing so i have to say....if she got this wrong how much else is she bullshitting to get her agenda across?
she said a believer in gnostic writings as there religion you would call them and agnostic........NO the believe in gnostic writtings is gnosticism and they would be called a gnostic.

here is the definition for agnostic:

    1. One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
    2. One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
  1. One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.

It has nothing to do with gnostic writings.......I thought everyone knew this....cause if everyone that considered themselves agnostic were actually gnostics......WOW i wouldn't have a problem at all finding someone to ask questions about gnostic writings.

and don't even get me started about the 3rd eye bullshit........and even though the bible still says there works and money can not "buy" our way into heaven were still supposed to try to be as "god like" as possable with our pathetic human matter how much we sin were supposed to at least try.....i mean just because we accept jesus into our lives you want to tell me i can do all the killing and raping i want and still get into heaven because i accepted jesus as my savior.....hell no.....though that would be a pretty funny joke is so......and this book is trying to tell me that trying to be like god is it too far and trying to stop his plans by being like him as in trying to make clones and eternal life.....yeah now you got something to work with but some of this stuff this girl can just fuck off because my intuiation has never steered me wrong in my life......and i aint changing anytime soon.........and this whole in the end the end false religion is going to be a nature worship religion.....that is bad in a sense (if token too far) but your average witch worship nature....but also woships the source that has given us this wonderful world that we live in.

ok i'm done ranting.

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