So i'm moved in  

Posted by Darkmaer

well just got down here and i'm already for the most part have most everything setup. i've got my desk/bookshelf combo all built. my bed is up and's a big room. i can easily have plenty of room to have fun with. and right now i still don't don't have a whole bunch of stuff in order but yeah plenty of room....i might do a little youtube video and show you around....i'm surprised how nice the house is on the's like living in a newage shop....except with jesus everywhere instead of other typical newage stuff. but now i need a small little desk for my little personal sanctuary so i can have my incense and essential oils among other things. and of course i need a bigger book shelf along with the small one that came with my desk. but yeah we live in a nice little spot....quite and trees...nice little area.

anyway thats all i got for right now.

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