Extra money equals what the hell why not  

Posted by Darkmaer

so my original ipod died on me like 2 years after i had it...the hard drive just stopped working on it....so i've been without an mp3 player for some time now. well i had some extra cash and wanted to get a new ipod so i got on of the newer (i'm sure by next week there will be a new one out) 8gig nanos (blue). even though i'd love to get a big one....with what happened to my last ipod being hard drive driven i'm going to stick with the flash memory devices that way there is less likely to fail...and sure it's nice to carry your entire music collection with you.....but it really isn't necessary it's just convenient.

but i got to say....the nano is packing...i'm amazed how much you can do as far as features go (basically everything it's big brother can do) and is not much bigger then a condom package lol and about as thick too. they did some improvements on the headphones too since i had my ipod...i think there a little nicer but still.....there just shitty headphones....the sound sux....i'll prolly pick up a pair of bose earbuds down the road since there only $100......but first and formost next for this would be a head unit that is compatible with it.

anyway i'm off to go watch my D&D animated series and fall asleep

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