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So i havn't wrote a blog in awhile. been very busy with working (got overtime heading my way friday night). so i wanted to give my thoughts on the new MSI (mindless self indulgence for people that don't know). anyway i really love this album there is a few songs that have really poppy bits too it that really make it catchy. you can definately see that there taking there music a little more seriously since Frankenstein girls album.

but here are some of the songs on the album...there is still a few that arnt here that i really like....mastermind and get it up are 2 of them

MY FAVORITE SONG ON THE's funny as hell -Issues-


this is what i'm talking about with the catchy poppy stuff...the beginning clap thing at the beginning of the song...the song wouldn't be that great if it didn't have that little catchy stuff.
- Revenge -

- Money -

- Lights Out -

Another one of my favs on the album. - Get it up -

Another one of my favs...prolly second favorite from Issues is - Mastermind - lol and they give props (yeah i said props) to PA...not sure why since PA sux...but i guess as far as music is concerned (mainly there type of music) Philly is a great place for it)

and heres the single...which personally i think there are alot better songs...but i guess with profanity they have to get something that doesn't have too much.

- Bomb This Track -

- Due - again poppy little jingle thing throughout the song...still love it

- On It -

- Never Wanted to Dance -

Ok people thats most of the songs on the album.......i think it's a great album...specially when your in a crappy mood and you have a little bit of some decent bass in your car...crank it up and you'll be feeling pretty good.

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