Life is good  

Posted by Darkmaer

So my life is just great right now. I just got my first pay check from my first job and its funny I make in 1 week at the new job as much as 2 weeks at hot topic.

Also my car stopped smoking as soon as I got my oil changed so I won't have to spend $800 on that.

But I found out my phone doesn't like moister. So I will have to get a new phone or at least replace the track ball because the track ball button keeps randomly pressing it self…sending off emails, chats, muting my calls. Its fucking annoying. So soon as I can find my charger for my old phone the SIM card is going in there till I get it working or get a new one.

But I picked up blue dragon finally. And pre-purchased grand theft auto 4 so ill be picking that up tuesday…lol I'm going back to the way I was before I even thought of having a relationship. Its a good feeling…screw women ill play my games and enjoy life
Darkmaer Bloodmoon )O(
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