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boy this weekend went pretty quick. non the less. So first step to needing stuff before i leave is complete. Since i was using my brothers LCD HDTV for my monitor for my room i needed A. get new speakers since i got rid of my old ones. so me being me i didn't really want to cheap it. i wanted good full sound but i also needed something small that i could actually hook up multiple sources to it (just my xbox and my computer) I really really wanted the Klipsch 2.1 THX system. but that had a inputs besides 3.5 jacks on the side of the right satilite speaker......i could have made it work but something coming out the side of the speaker at all times didn't really float my boat and i really wanted RCA inputs since well i'm pretty sure you get a fuller and better sound then basically a headphone jack...i could be wrong but still. So in the end i went with something that doesn't have a sub woofer with it......yeah i know i wasn't crazy at first because for 1 the demo system setup was not working properly (big time). so i got it open and it easily fills the room with sound without it even turned up barely at all and they have 2 RCA inputs in the back.....and they gave me cable with one that goes in the back of the computer and of course the other is going into my xbox. But I went with the BOSE Companion 2 Series 2 speaker system. i figured well BOSE can make some great sound with small speakers so will give it a's got nice bass for not having a woofer....granted maybe down the road i'll get there 2.1 system. but right now i'm very satisfied with the purchase.

So whats the next thing well...a new monitor. since well my monitor that i'm using right now is very hard on my eyes....infact it quite hurts them half the time. but not only that but right now if i want to play my xbox i'll have to unplug my monitor from my computer then plug it into the xbox......very VERY annoying. So i need a computer monitor (that way it has screen saver functions...such as sleep mode...since i don't like to have to remember to turn off my monitor) as well as with TV imputs. such as component, and HDMI....and sadly it seems like only one company makes monitors like that. i had thought dell did but i guess they downgraded there features of there monitors because i remember theres being having some of the most features.....even having a card reader on them. well the best that they got....doesn't look all that hot and it only comes with HDMI. the Gateway monitor has a whole crap load of features and looks beautiful. including PIP (not that i'd use that EVER...but its there) it's got Component (the main thing i'm really wanting) DVI, VGA, and HDMI. a beautiful menu system. i feel that when i get this monitor i'll be really really HAPPY with it (too bad it don't come with a remote to change imputs). but yeah for the options and price it just can't be matched by any of the other monitors out there......and it looks slick as HPs sexy looking monitors. at least when turned first glance i think HPs monitors win hands down...very sleek looking monitors. but anyway thats what i'm prolly going to be picking up at the end of may....then the rest of june paychecks are going to be for saving to create a money blanket for gas so i can job search.

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