who wants to be the next contestent on who wants to actually date Jon  

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Well i think i'm going to try to be friends with this girl. But i have to move on with my feelings. So looks like i'm going to be going on a date with the next contestant that apparently actually wants to go out on a date and i don't even have to write a damn blog about myself (or video) so will see how it goes....i'm going to say maybe within the next couple of weeks that will happen...but she seems really nice lvl headed apparently wants a relationship and isn't afraid even tho she can't seem to find a nice guy either. So i'm excited about that. tho there are some downfalls tho i don't know how i will feel about it until i actually come to them. It's something i never really wanted to get involved with really but it's so hard to find a nice women in life...and from what i've seen of her she seems like a really genuinely nice girl...and from what i gather has a little freak side to her....but we shall see...someone that loves me for me and doesn't cut me off from her emotions and likes to express her emotions is what i really want.

anyway so here is attempt #4 since i've been single of a women that i like and could see something maybe come from it.....i'm getting really tired of this

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