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lol i haven't heard this album in forever....i had bought it when it came out about and i forgot how good it was and since it got scratched all to hell back in the day i'd figure i would download it...i hope they didn't breakup but something tells me they did....where is she divorsed yet i'd still do many many evil things to her.

ah whatever it's a good album though if you haven't heard it. hmm so i decided i'm going to go with ablton for my first DAW (digital audio workstation) since it's got so much more options...granted if you buy just ableton by it's self i mean you can create stuff but it doesn't come with much (where Reason comes with just about everything you could want...except plugin support and audio) so luckly i got free VST's (virtual instruments basically) which will take care of that stuff....but yeah there is a learning curve compared to Reason so along with ordering my MIDI controller i might be ordering me a ableton live book....because well even when you buy the software you still have a electronic manual...i mean i guess it's good for the environment and shit....but come on i love my manuals and books.....give me something i can look at on my desk...instead of having to switch back and forth between the manual and the program on the computer....pain in the ass.

I don't know after having a really shitty day i got an email from Jess and she said 4 words in that email that made my day.....this is the stuff that i need every once in awhile from people to make me feel appreciated in life. all she said was "gods i miss you" thats it....but it lifted my entire shitty day and made me feel good...that i'm not forgotten is so important to me it's not sux to move away from people you care about...but then to find that they didn't care as much as you thought...because you don't here a word from them...until you move a decent distance away you prolly will never know how it is...but i already knew that jess would prolly be the only one when i left that would truly miss me (besides barb...but she is my second mom) and i was right.

anyway 2 days off and i'm excited booya.

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