Computer music is not easy to make....why? Read on  

Posted by Darkmaer

Okay at first i thought like everyone else that anybody can do music on a computer....i totally take that back.....yes anybody can do it but what really makes it hard (if your actually serious about it) is you have to learn how to program the snyths. cause well 1 using presets is really just lame (yes i will be doing that though as i learn). but learning to program is quite an art really.....if you take away a synths ablilities to morph a's a very very annoying electronic beep no one and i mean no one would want to put that in music it's just is boring and a dead feel to it...and it grinds the ears. but thru programing you can literately take that annoying ass sound and turn it into a work of art essentually and let me tell you just from taking a little time here and there to try to create a certain type of noise (even though i kind of know what does what) is freaking HARD!!! so saying it's an "easy" way to get into the music business and there is no talent to techno and stuff...until you get your hands dirty trying to do it...shouldn't make such a comment....people spend years learning how to program it's like any instrument...granted playing a snyth isn't brain sergery in fact as long as you keep a basic scale you can make a pretty kick ass snyth lead....the challenge is in the bread and butter.......i mean playing a guitar is hard to play (if you don't know how to play) but getting a guitar to sound like a certain way is reletivly pretty easy....i want metal get a metal based distorion it's kind of like the challenges switch when it comes to snyth.....other intruments are hard to play but easy to get it to sound a certain way.....snyths are easy to play (but can be as challenging as any intrument if you wish) but hard to make it sound the way you want.....and granted alot of the sounds sound alike in techno industrial etc etc.....but you know what i really haven't found any presets that sound exactly like my favorite guess what they make those sounds themselves and that is something that should be respected but instead people disreguard thinking it's down the road i plan on getting a hardware snyth because apparently all the old heads started on hardware (because there were no soft snyths) but i can understand where it would be easy to understand since it's more hands on instead of using a mouse to turn dials and what not.....i'm thinking about the Korg Radius most likely....lots of nobs to learn and fiddle with

so i'm really really thinking of throwing caution into the air here.....i'd have roughly $20 for the next 2 weeks for food if i do it and then of course if i need extra money for gas...hehe well you know how that would go....but i'm going to be ordering my axiom (midi controller) but i could throw in the audio interface in there as well...but again it would be a tight squeeze...then again i do got $15 in change in a jar here....but the reason why i want to sqeeze it in there is because of the payment options...if i just buy the midi controller sure i'll have it but i won't be able to do the music i REALLY want unless i have the audio interface....and i'm going the ez pay plan anyway so it breaks up the payments into 3 i won't be able to get the audio interface (because i'm not adding another payment later down the road without paying off the first one...that could just cause me troubles down the road) until prolly 3 months down the road...and if i want to do this (people that know me know if i don't continue to keep my interest and keep moving with something i'll drop it) i'll need to do it now other wise i'll loose interest (though i doubt i will in all seriousness but i want to get at least the basics so i can make the music) so i might just do it and worry later.....there is going to be alot of sacraficing anyway with this music stuff...but the really cool thing though about getting the audio interface is that is a huge thing out of the way.....that is the part that i will need to hook my mic up to for that is a huge chunk of money out of my studio in the making. lol though the mic is roughly $800..i wanted to go cheap but Tom from assemblage 23 said thats the one thing you don't want to be going cheap $800 m audio sputnik...granted it is expensive you do get quite a bit (lol well at least they can do that for you) you get a nice hard industrial metal case, a shock mount, dedicated power supply (which i shouldn't need since the audio interface comes with phantom power..but still nice they give it to you if you don't have phantom powered interface), mic cable and a soft cloth bag....why you'd stick it in that is beyond me since condenser mics are VERY fragile and should be treated with the only things i'll need to get after i get the mic is a stand and pop filter.....which is nothing after spending that much on a mic.

then the thing that isn't sooo much a big deal but apparently it still is a big deal......i need to buy monitors cause apprently normal speakers don't cut it.....i thought since i have some bose speakers hooked up they would work fine but apparently they make normal speakers to sound good....where monitors are more like the musics true sound...and you can catch alot of stuff that normal speakers don't show you......but thats down on my list just because...well it's not a nessisty (yeah i can't spell whatcha gonna do about it) right now

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