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well haven't written a blog in a few days but i think i will right now.

 i got my midi controller yesterday......and let me tell you...i wanted to throw that thing against the wall yesterday....that was the most annoying thing to set up and i mean just to get it to install the drivers not even the actual programing i'm going to have to learn so it can do what i want it to do...because there is sliders and knobs and buttons and pads that are completely programable to do whatever you want well they do have basic templates for different programs but they still might not do everything i want it to i can program each one do to whatever.

but anyway the quickstart guide says like everyone quick start guide says for any computer prepherial.....don't plug in the device....put in the cd first then install the software/drivers and then you can go ahead and plug in the thing and everything should be happy day....well it wasn't. the computer reconized it but my programs didn't.....what they failed to tell me in the installation process is....don't plug it in (which i anyway it has an on off switch) put the cd in the drive install the software......DON'T TURN IT ON BUT RESTART YOUR COMPUTER......then you can turn it on...........i don't know how many times i installed, uninstalled and reinstalled that thing...i even took an hour nap cause i got so fustrated....then on top of that i came home from work after i thought everything was fine and granted i played around with it a little bit then i went to go watch a video online and my sound is i spent a few more times restarting my computer and installing sound drivers on my EVERYTHING IS FINALLY WORKING......pissed me the hell off.

but anyway so i downloaded a keyboard learning program because i don't want to just do the computer music thing i actually want to learn how to play the keyboard.....and the really cool thing about these software programs is there actually meant for midi keyboards/ basically what that does is makes your learning 10x better like you actually have a knows what your pressing, when your pressing basically it knows what your doing and if your doing it right or not....pretty dang cool in my book......i'm learning mary had a little lamb....of course...those really fun songs to play (joking people). but first song i really want to learn is the brave heart know the one.

and i'd also like to learn to play Evanescence My Immortal

And richard marx right here waiting

these are some of my most favorite piano based songs...they sweep me off into another world it seems

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