I woke, she fled, and day brought back my night.  

Posted by Darkmaer

haven't wrote a blog in quite some time....i should be going to bed along with reading or whatever. anyway lol i'm curious if i'm like the only person in the US who still listens to t.A.T.u. like did anybody know hey actually have 3 albums out now...granted i can't find the 3rd's cd cover anywhere (cause i downloaded via torrent).

anyway so whats going on in my life...Kristen and I are talking again so i'm happy about that. umm my broken laptop is basically torn all apart. thursday i'm going to pick up a soder gun and some soder and get to work on trying to fix it...if i can't fix it oh well i at least tried and it was a learning experience.
also i'm getting paid now by my brother to work on putting products in the website (www.tacticalsubmission.com) since hes making a decent profit now...hes done $12k last time he checked this year....so not bad at all for his first year. so thats going to be my saving money for stuff....computer, spiritual and healing classes...and that will help me in the end I hopefully when i go to school at fullsail...extra $100 or maybe more wants i get used to doing it so much that it's robotic...but he eventually wants me to start answering phone calls too when i can (since i'm hooked to the system via my cell) but were not sure how were going to do that yet...since we are still small we can't pay me like normal he could pay me like $2.00 per call...i think if it's per call though i'd ask for $5 or $10 just for the shear fact you don't know what your going to come across. plus it will be harder for me to answer a question when i'm a couple hundred miles away from the "office" so if they want to know about there order for example...how the fuck will i know unless we find away that we can share the info back and forth via a system where it updates me on orders and stock...thats the only way i can it will work really well...but then i have to be near a computer...which granted there is a high chance of that if i'm not working...but still.

anyway i'm out i just thought i'd give a little update on my life so far.

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