Should i upgrade?  

Posted by Darkmaer

So debating debating. christmas is around the corner and i always tend to go overboard for myself because well...who else is going to go overboard on me? so I've been hauling around quite a bit...for some reason more when i didn't have a car no clue what thats all about. but i have my blackberry, my ipod, and usually at least one book when i'm heading into work a shirt and a apron is added to that mess. so i'm debating. my brother granted he wants me to eventually start doing more with the business.....i'm doing stuff actually right now tho it's taking me some time to get into it. but it's not sooo important that i have a blackberry like it was before (since i don't think i'll be a main part of the business really) so getting email isn't a must like we thought it was and the main reason i got my blackberry....and don't get me wrong i love my blackberry to death. but it has it's down falls and frankly it's downfalls are cripling for me. the lack of memory is my only gripe i have for the blackberry....which seems to be my major gripe for all phones that i've ever had. it wouldn't be so bad but when you have a phone that is supposed to do what it's suppose to do...i keep bare essential programs on the phone google apps (mail,maps,sync), myspace app, facebook app and my chat program that i actually paid $30 for. then the emails add up.....and it's taxing on the phone so much so that sometimes when a chat comes in i have to wait a good 20sec before it will come's a i'm highly thinking of going for the iphone for a couple of reasons. free a hand...i don't need the ipod anymore (give it to my mom)
2. 16gigs built more really do i have enough room. granted my music collection overshadows 16gigs in a major way it's not like i'm going to fill it with shit i really don't listen to since i've learned from my little 8gig ipod that i really don't need my whole music collection with me. just a good veriety to keep me entertained and not bored.
3. they might be slow at getting stuff up and running on the iphone (copy & paste, MMS, etc etc) but the nice thing is there always trying to improve on it and updating it on a regular basis with new features...which is another thing about a touch screen phone...they can add what ever features they want because they arnt limited to what they have.....just add a new button on control.
 4. it's apple ;) i know i'm going to hate certain typing on the thing...honestly i would prefer a touch sensitive keyboard something i can feel....the i phone you have to be looking at the damn screen to know what your typeing.....unlike my blackberry i can be talking to someone that is in front of me giving them my undivided attention while still typing a txt to someone for example.

i don't know i guess will see how christmas will go and if i get some decent money...some how i'll highly think about it.....cause there is the blackberry bold out now too....but i don't know i feel that blackberry is a little too fragile for today i dropped it the battery cover fell off and the battery fell out as well. again we shall see.

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