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So I'm starting my first day of my's a 2 week period. and i have to drink 10 glasses of 8oz distilled water with 1/2 a lemon (organic preferred) 1-2 tsp of grade-b maple syrup, and 1/10th tsp of ground cayenne pepper. I'm sticking it in a 20oz and doubling the dose. so far it's not too bad. they said to slowly work your way up to 1/10th tsp of the pepper but i didn't even really measure that part i just stuck in half of 1/4th tsp so i figured that would be just fine. and so far the concoction aint sooo bad. but they say once you get past the 3rd day it's alot easier going. but something tells me i'll be doing alot of meditation to keep myself in a good frame of mind until i get over that hump. but i'm really excited for multiple reasons. 1 weight loss, 2 what effects it's going to have on me with spirituality (through either meditation or maybe even visions...because of not eating anything for that length of period) and 3 i want to see if i have any worms inside me (almost guaranteed). and i'm sure when your body is cleaned out i'm sure you notice stuff alot more better like if you have a sex life (i don't) sex i'm sure would be better and what not. your breath will smell alot better due to not having the toxins coming out of your freakin mouth. i don't know there is just so much ups that i might as well give it a shot you know.

so wish me luck i'll need alot of motivation because i love food :D

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