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blah I'm starting to get too much onto my plate. and i'm horrable at balancing. well I got the reflexology, work, studying religion, music, and trying to study up on my math basics for my GED...too too much...but i think thats a good thing really. keeps my mind off shit.

tonight at work i had a light come out of it's socket and had the prongs come down on my arm about about 10 feet up.....yeah kinda hurt.

boy balancing....thats prolly one of my most problematic things in my life. I think i might do a spell for that now that i'm thinking about it. i was already planning doing one for the audio engeneering thing...at first i was just going to do one for my GED but they say for example if your wanting money for something that you need don't do a spell for money do a spell for the total outcome...or for example if your needing a bill paid don't make a spell for money make a spell to have that bill already paid for.
one thing that i'm still holding strong too thought is not doing love spells.....since well frankly it's against my beliefs even though i don't think there is anything wrong (at least not that i can see) going a general love spell...to help find someone compatable but if your doing one that is directed toward someone specific. I don't approve since granted i don't consider myself a witch I do hold there law in high regard (an it harm none, do what thou wilt) and if you are directing a spell to someone specific without there knowledge or consent you are breaking that law......because in a sense you are making that person love you against there will......granted i do believe if they don't like you.....chances are there still not going to love you know matter what....unless they are weak minded.

but anyway i'm posting quite a long video of my general beliefs....incase anybody is interested.

you can find it HERE sorry no embed or some reason...douches

here is also a SITE case you want to skim instead of watching a 3 hour movie

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