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Well I'm gun ho again. I figure this is how I'm going to do it. Because well its all about trying to plan and balance. I started reading the introduction to the Egyptian book of the dead so I don't know how that is going to be structured. But as far as the other books (the bible, quran, bhagavad-gita) is concerned ill be reading those at a rate of prolly 1 to 2 chapters a night. Though it seems to me that the quran and the bhafacad-gita arnt really that big of books. I mean the quran's pages are about as thin as the bibles, but between the commentary and the original arabic writing there really isn't much of the actual english words of the quran per page, and same goes for the bhagavad-gita but the pages are a little thicker for that book so it looks like even less. Plus with that book they have the original text then they have how its wrote in english txt format. Then they show how its all pronounced and what each section means. Then they finally have it in plane english writing that you can read.

But to me out of all of them the Egyptian book of the dead is really nice (at least the version I got) I mean its no leather bound or anything but its actually one of those annoying doesn't fit on the book shelf kind of books (because its so big) but the format is really nice. It has the whole Egyptian scroll in nice full color above and then down below it has the actual english translations. But I love it because the scroll is just so beautiful with the art. But I can't wait to read that too. Since it is 3000BCE (BC for the christians) so now with that I want to see if some stuff leaked over in to the christian faith. Which I know the arc of the covenant did. But apparently so did the ten commandments did too. But I'd like to find other books like that that have to do with the Egyptian faith and theology. Since I think Egyptians had the biggest impact on most faiths.
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