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Umm this post might not be for everybody. It's mainly the people who grew up on video games and had a passion for them...and still do to a certain extent (i enjoy them but i just don't make them my life anymore). For the other people who view this you might get a laugh out of it anyway. These are all done in flash but someone transfered them over to video format for embeding purposes. Most of this stuff and many more can be found over at NEWGROUNDS so check it out if you want more funny dorkie stuff.


Awesome Fantasy 7 - Watch the best video clips here

Just for fun...this was my most hated game i ever played

Okay and now for an actual blog post. Nothing much going on in my life at the moment. Just working and trying to keep moving on in this world. I'm really excited about this paycheck though because i finally get to order Jess's birthday present. I just hope she likes it as much as i thought about it...granted if I didn't have to start paying rent so soon at my house the gift would have been way more extravagant. Then again there is always Christmas so add the official last touches that i want to do to it. People are prolly still wondering why it's so important to me to get this stuff for her. Well for one i think she will find it very useful, but the most important thing to me is this is my like 4th life long friend. Not only that but the personal lvl compared to my other life long friends are different. We have the ability to go deeper into life and talk about the shit that really matters in life. Plus who knows where i'd be without her with getting over my ex. She was always there for me for the most part if i needed to talk to...granted she has a life too and problems come up as well.

Trust is very important to me. I don't trust many people and I know who she is she doesn't let many people in her world either so it's nice that both sides of the trust factor is there. especially with my trust factor towards women. I mean i've forgiven my ex but i'm still very very cautious about getting involved with anyone, or just friends. Like i'm trying to be very selective of my friends down here because i'm tired of hanging out (not my true friends mind you) with trash. I want to be surrounded by positive people and not people who lie cheat and steal to get go through there daily lives, and for a good time they drink and do drugs because they have to numb there existence in this world because in reality they think there nothing...there just one pathetic person.

Anyway i think i'm done because i need to get up at 4 again...hopefully my check will be put into my bank by thursday like last time...cause i really don't want to have to give a gas attendant $10 in quarters...but so be it if i i had to take that change out of my change jar and i really didn't want to have to touch that since that is my personal fund for all my computer and spiritual workshops and classes.

and done

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