Glass and I don't mix  

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Well life has been great.

So i fucked myself up a little bit...the house we live in is kinda old and of course you have stupid people that tend to paint the windows shut (IN EVERY OLD HOUSE KNOWN TO MAN i believe...since i haven't seen one that wasn't) so my window sticks.....but i opened it today because it was nice out...later that night i went and closed it but of course couldn't...somehow i managed to as the window was going down...i think it was because i was trying to stop it from slamming shut. but with the way the micanics of how i did it i felt like i barely touched the glass but somehow the window completely busted and my hand went through it...luckly it managed to not hurt me too much. i got 2 more bigger cuts on each side of my right wrist and then the back of my elbow is cut up by shards of glass that i don't think any is still stuck in my skin....but anyway yay for me...luckly there is another glass layer on the window...though will definitely need to get the one replaced because i think it will be bad on the heat this winter.

But anyway i was at the used book store the other day and i stopped going there for awhile since i had bought all the books that i could find that i i waited a few weeks before going back so they could get replenished with something i might like again. and they sure did. I've been looking at this book for awhile now at the book stores but it was always one of those books that i wanted to get but there was always a more important book to get. well not only was this book there but they had a hardcover (along with softback) which if anybody knows me if i can get something in either hardback or leatherbound i get it in those preferred styles. so i got this $25 book for $ i was excited. but anyway the book was "The Jesus Mysteries" which is basically a book on astrotheology.

Then some good news for me and i'll be excited when it happens, But Jess has been taking some classes that i've been wanting to learn and so she said she is going to take a long weekend sometime and come down here and teach me a little of what she learned so that will be fun because well someone is actually going to visit me i'm very lonely down here anyway..i'm done for this blog...just thought i'd post this up here since i haven't posted anything in awhile

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