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nice day today. I'm sitting here after i took a shower having a nice little glass of southern comfort.

Was thinking awhile taking a shower and got to thinking why is it that certain people such as myself compared to others do i care so much about being enlightened spiritually where you got others that all they do in life is wait for the next football season, or can't wait to get through the week so they can sit down on that one night and watch there favorite show? Isn't there something that goes through there head and say there has got to be more to this life then meets the eye. Humans today are so preoccupied with everything that goes on in there lives they can't just sit back relax in silence and just think breath. In fact some people are even afraid of doing that. We tend to discover things about us that we didn't know when we do these things. Is it that were so wrapped up in trying to be what the world/society wants us to be that when we silence our selves we do have a different thought process that we should be moving in a different direction that says money and wealth really don't matter?

I'm not really sure why or how i got to be like this really. I mean it wasn't up till like i was prolly i'd say 21 that i was like everybody else. You know the typical guy (well not entirely) looking for nothing but to get laid and give me electronics for presents, really concerned with tv shows, movies...you know just really wrapped up in worldy affairs that makes us blind to what is really going on around us. the only thing i really remember was when my relationship with my ex was starting to fail i picked up a for dummies book on witchcraft...shortly after returned it because something told me that some of those books for dummies are really for dummies...meaning it's for people that just want to play around and not get serious about anything. so i held off for awhile on getting another book but the pull was still there.....infact it should be pointed out that when our family first got the internet in our farm house like back in 95 (or somewhere around there)I got up late at night when everyone was in bed and that was the first thing i looked up (yup even before porn...whats that) was about witchcraft...so i've had a pull for learning anything of the mysteries of the ancient religions since i can remember...i loved the idea of magick, dragons, castles, etc, etc all my life. but something that turned into curiosity turned into a life changing ordeal. i have a complete bookshelf now full of religious writings i mean everything from the ancient of ancient to the newest of new (scientology).

I don't know i guess i just don't really get how people don't care about being apart of that universal consciousness and being one with all reality and being infinitely wise knowing everything....they would rather be kept a slave working day in and day out oblivious slaving away so the things they own, own them.

just my random thoughts for the night

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