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So this paycheck i put down some money even though i really shouldn't have. but i kind of got sick of tired of waking up at 4 in the morning and not really having too much time to get ready for work and i'd actually skip stuff in my routine. the main one was shaving. Well anybody that has known me since around after i worked at starbucks is you have to keep clean shaven or where a "beard net". Which for me anything that rubs my hair on my face even slightly it starts to itch and sorry thats a no go when it's constantly iching for 8hrs. but well i've started getting used to being clean shaven and now it's been bothering me that my beard would come back and what first thing that goes on my mind is just buy a trimmer (my solution always...since i always seem to leave my trimmer at the last place from where i moved), but the problem with the trimmer is well it's got like 10 different attachments and even with all those stupid attachments the things still don't get the job done properly. so i went to work and was going to pick up a electric razor to see how they are and test it out. Well i was going to just get the cheap one but i was actually taking a class on razors at the time and the guy teaching the class really recomonded the middle grade one we had because he apparently had last years model and loves it. the main reason being instead of one circle of combs (the blades are underneath) it has three combs meaning more realesate in less time. So i got it (BTW it's the Norelco 8250XL) took it home did the long as recharging of 12hrs and well how is my initial reaction? It still won't be a actual razor just because of one major factor a razor will cut anything granted it might take you more time to shave when you get that really long beard but it still will shave it. but other then that I love the thing. cause when i first used it i did have my beard kinda creeping out to the point that i better do something or they might start getting on me at work. well because the hairs were so long all it did was pinch and pull...i mean it did cut too just not that great. so since it had a trimmer in the back i figured i'd use that to take care of most of the longer hairs. now my second day of having it and i'm really really enjoying it. it gets as close of a shave as a gillette razor which still boggles my mind how that exactly works...since a gillette you can cut yourself because you are taking a blade across your skin. where these electronic razors granted there still is a blad involved but the only thing that seems to be touching your face is 3 metal disc with slots and holes in them boggles thee mind.
so what do i like most about shaving cream (saves time) no hair everywhere...when i read that there was a hair catcher in the manual i was excited because that was the #1 thing i hated about trimmers i'd get done and the hair wasn't really shaved well and yet there is like a 2 foot diameter of hair everywhere in the bathroom....pain in my ass. now i don't have that which is nice because i can shave anywhere now and not have to worry mainly when you travel car, plane etc etc. and this is the #1 thing i love about it the way it shaves it's easy on the face and if anybody knows me when i first shave my face is bright red and litterally stays like that almost all day...and it's ugly and i can shave and have my skin tone look great with a nice close shave. granted i still will have to concern myself with my dry skin problem but so far it's less of a problem i think because i can do it dry so i'm not putting water on my face that has all kinds of chemicals in it along with shaving cream that has even more chemicals. granted the intruction manual did say you might be irritated for the first couple of weeks (they give you a 21 day challange) but luckly that only seems so far in the neck area which is agitating but for that part i think it is mainly do to my hairs go every which way unlike everywhere else. so oh well hopefully like it said it will cease after a couple of weeks but if not it's a small price to pay for ALOT of convienece

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