well this week into next week i'm going to get my ass kicked  

Posted by Darkmaer

So not working for a month really really kills your body because well working the first 2 days at my new job took alot out of me...sadly. well my ass has just started to get kicked today cause from today (technically yesterday) until next weds i'll be working....blah and it's not typical hours either.....tomarrow i'm working 11 hrs sunday i'm working 10 hrs....i mean i'm going to love the paycheck...but god damn am i going to be dead....well at least maybe i'll get on a normal schedule where you know i sleep at night and am awake in the day...

well at least i get to work with a lady with a tight little body on her...thats always an enjoyment. and i got my first paycheck tonight....only worked a total of less then 8hrs and i got $75 so yippie me i can't wait until i get a real full paycheck. since this week it will prolly end up being like 37 hrs and next week is another 37....so i'll be pretty damn excited.

anyway i'm going to get ready to watch a movie.....for some reason i had the sudden urge to watch Winona Ryder films.....i mean don't get me wrong shes pretty damn hot with some nice assets but i'm not sure why i have such a urge......last night i watched beatle juice then this morning i watched "The Ten"...stuipid movie but she does fuck a wooden puppet.....lol so that made it worth it. then tonight i'm prolly going to watch girl interrupted...then tomorrow either Dracula or the crucible...i really like both of those....anyway cya all later

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