I will smite thee  

Posted by Darkmaer

so no sleep and an 11 hour shift.....I'm FUCKING BEAT...and also hungry...so food first before bed and i have to wait for it to cook so...a blog in the mean time (rahh got to be there at 10 tomarrow...monday i get a break though...kinda i don't have to be in till 3...then i open so i got to be there super chipper and early.

anyway it's funny how life has been working out for me as of late...not that it's a big deal because i can wait thats not a problem...but the girls i seem to like nowadays are either waiting for mister right or waiting for marrage...what brought this trend on? i know my generation it was sex..yes please. but anyway i see a new girl at work that i hadn't seen before...shes cute made eye contact a few times...does she see anything in me....doesn't really matter. but later at the end of the night were doing the finishing touches and this guy starts talking to her and they get on being a christian....of course this guy is a christian (you know the kind that fuck, snort up...anything maybe even murder...who knows...under the sun thats considered a sin...you now a TYPICAL Christian). But then she opens her mouth....this is one hardcore bitch. home schooled, dads a preacher, has never cussed...etc. etc...there is nothing it seems with the way this girl talks that is going to break her in anyway.....which is really cool to some certain extent and i respect that. so again even if she is cute and we got along ok....the whole religious thing would get in the way BIG time.....but i still think i want to get to know her.....mainly for talking about religion...I find it fasinating that someone can grow up and be taught something....and believe it...do these people open any other "ancient Holy scriptures" or do they just take the bible at face value and just except it.

anyway.......just thoughts going into a person that hasn't slept for 24hrs and is completely exhausted

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