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So It's been awhile since i posted here but i've been kind of out of it. still am really. it's prolly cause i hadn't been working for so long that i'm constantly tired or staying up all night even when i am going to work in the morning type of thing.

but right now i'm in the house alone for the whole weekend because my grandfather has a brain clot and my Mom and Daniel are going over there to see him this week end and be there for the sergery so it's going to be pretty lonely around here.

but i've decided to get working on my thing that always seems to get delayed when i'm trying to do it. last time i had to move into my brothers house and i was on the edge i mean one paycheck away from getting it. but i'm going to start on my music project that i've been wanting to do for awhile. though this time i'm thinking about it a little more clearly then before...before someone wanted me to get the stuff to be in a band with them and that was cool and all but well it wasn't what i wanted to do. plus for the stuff i had to get it was very exspensive....all the hardware stuff so i can perform WITHOUT a computer. if anybody has looked into that shit it's EXSPENSIVE as hell. becuase well first i would need a synth. that was $400 then i would need a sampler thats roughly another $400 then a preamp to hook my equipment up to...and thats just the basics so i'm looking at roughly a $1000....just so i can start doing with the way i want to do it....basically i don't want to preform least not at this stage. i just want to be able to make some music and put it out there so some people might enjoy it though it's mainly only going to be for me......just like my blogs.

but what i'm going to get it since i already have a computer some nice speakers and a nice big monitor for making music i only need one thing thats holding me back since i already have the software too (reason 4, FL 8 recycle) and that is a midi controller.....a keyboard that does absolutely nothing unless you plug it into the computer.....thats the cheapest way to get a nice studio going....because it does nothing but sends computer information to your computer there very easy and cheap to doesn't have a computer inside with a huge sound bank or anything....and it doesn't because well computers are one man bands nowadays....and with reason the drums pianos etc etc sound realistic as all hell. I mean later down the road i'll need a mic preamp and stuff but thats way down the road since first i got to make some music....then i can create some lyrics and match them to the songs of my heres my game plan.

first MIDI controller...i'm going to go with the M-Audio Axiom 49

This will allow me to do a multitude of things as i grow and learn how to use the software better and the controller it's self. Every button (even the keys) on the controller can be mapped to do different somethings are kinda obvious like the play record and all that good stuff are meant so you don't have to keep using the mouse to hit the record buton....but they can be made to do what ever. but one of my favorite things this has got on it is the trigger pads on the top right that you can use for drums or just to set off samples during a song. but anyway i think this controller will prolly be the best for me for many years to come.

Then later down the road (because i need one anyway) i need a new computer......again because i'm always strapped for cash i look at the value and what i get....sadly until i start making some real money the laptop is never in my sites because well....even though it would be better for music exspecially if i wanted to go live down the's just not in the cards right now...i'd much rather get something that can kill and that i won't have to buy another one for another 7 years (this is how old my one is right now), and because my computer has been through hell and back (i have picked it up and thrown it down.....i have punched it.....and i abuse it on a daily basis) I'm going with the same company.....DELL. and i've always liked there customer service.....infact when i first got this computer the GFX card was messed up on it...and you know how that feels you get a new computer and you CAN'T EVEN USE IT.....oh there will be hell to pay!!!...but we called up dell the next day that had a new card in my i've always been happy with the service i've gotten....and that is the only service i needed from them.....meaning they build a good computer...even my own computer that i built didn't last this long (granted i had tooken shortcuts when i could so i could get it up and running as quickly as possable and bought cheap crap here and there). so my next dell on my mind is looking like Dell Inspiron 518 ...i would have pictures but it's too new apparently to have any pictures except on and thats not very good......though has pictures so just click on the link so see them...but at least it will match my external harddrive with that shiny black.....but i figured i'll go all out with it (except on certain things) i'll get the 4gigs of ram...since i'm ALWAYS bitching about ram on my computer now. i'm only going to get a 500gig harddrive just because i'm not going to be using it for games (maybe 1 or 2) but i want it to strictly be for music and general computer use (internet). plus i got this 1tb external HD which still has 708gigs free that i don't seem to be using up anything by the time i get this computer 1tb external HD are going to be even cheaper...guessing $200 so i should be able to grab another one to put beside the one i already have. but the kicker which i personally like is....if i bought the computer and just the computer it would have cost me a pretty penny for just the computer.....but if i buy it with a monitor i for some reason get like some instant savings for certain things i add onto with a monitor it comes out to about the same price......SOOO i'm going to add another 22" widescreen LCD screen....that way i can dual monitor because well frankly i'm going to need the space when i get really into this...and it's got a webcam build into it along with more USB ports.....which i'll need them badly......which thats another thing that i love about all this musical equipment that i'll be's optional for the can run purely off the usb power.

then after the computer I'm going to want to get a pre-amp which i'm going to go with M-Audio Fast Track Pro Driver. (yes most of my stuff will prolly be M-Audio because so far from what i can tell it's a reliable company from what everbody talks about)
This thing will literally have everything i personally could ever want to record vocals...i can also make my life a little simpler and be able to literally plug EVERYTHING musically through this and then have it run into my computer...which is prolly what i'll do....granted i know i'm going to need this for vocals.....i'm still not versed in music enough to know it's full capacity of this item but it's a givin i'll need it to record at least vocals...and it has phantom power in i'll need a condensor microphone...since that is what phantom power this box will help later if i want to record other "live" stuff such as guitar which my moms husband has quite a few guitars that i can grab and use if i want. hes also got a nice mic but i'll have to be sure that it can use something that is non phantom powered.....but i can hook up turntables...sampler etc etc up to this thing......basically it allows me to hook up anything to it and record it on my computer. the really nice thing is this is compatable with Pro-tools M-powered 7.....which well if your in the industry protools is the standard for recording music.....all your big bands record using it.....this version is made to work on M-audio's product hence the M-powered part but it's the same thing that is used on the $10,000 systems.....from what i can gather. anyway here is a little diagram of what you would want to hook up to it.

The next thing would be a micophone.....i naturally need a condesed and i want the brand that for the most part everybody i'm prolly going to go with the Shure SM86 because it's not too overly exspensive for a condenser mic
but this is another thing i need to do research on because i don't know much about mics besides the typical ones everyon likes

but anyway i'd like my own personal music to sound like VNV nation and Enomine to of my favorite industrial trance bands. but the problem is Enomine has one BIG thing that sets them apart from the rest.....the choir...and frankly that is something that can't be reproduced on the computer....i'd have to hire a choir and rent a studio big enough to record there voice......that is not going to happen for awhile

here is enomine...the video is kinda dumb...but all there videos are tied together.

And here is VNV...not there actual video someone made it...but this is one of my favorite songs if i ever created a list of favorite songs....that list could go on forever prolly too.

and later down the road if i was going to play live i would want a band along with myself because frankly i can't stand like the chemical brothers and what not.....they sit up there and play on there computers and what not and don't interact with the crowd....granted they do the light shows...but come on thats not the same at all...i don't know i just don't like it...but if i did live stuff i'd want to sound kinda like Dope stars inc. because granted there music isn't ground breaking but it's just fun...and i think i'd enjoy doing that ah i couldn't find a good video of them is an okay one i guess....and the girl that made it is pretty hot so i'll throw it on here (though i won't be dressing up like a queer anytime soon lol)

but anyway.....on a side note i finally got to try's not too bad...if i choose an alcholic drink to drink it might be that.....mainly because it's meant to be sipped..but there is different ways of prepareing it.....though i got this cheap little thing at the market for like $4 and it prolly has about 5 sake cups worth in the bottle...and then on top of it it gives you a little sake cup it's a nice little handy gizmo....i'm going to try other ones though to see what others taste like.....i would like one the a sweet taste if there is such a Sake.

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