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Alright...I'm still up what a shock. Anyway i thought i'd share something with everyone tonight / this morning that i feel i can share with you now. 

My experience with magick since i've been down here.

first off i'm an amateur lets get that out of the way....i've been reading about this stuff for years and just recently i've tried a few things. experimented if you will.

my first attempt was sigil magick. well that is a very very simple type of magick anybody can do it i learned about this type of magick from a book that i always pick up at the book store but never buy...i want to get it someday. but it's Disinformation's Book of Lies..... there is a scottish man by the name of Grant Morrison (comic book artist of "The Invisibles" that at the very beginning of the book tells you about this magick because the purpose is well if you want to believe in magick or see it in action is to do it because magick isn't like hollywood has made it into. So i've looked at this book for about a year and then not too long ago i came across a Disinformation video on google video of him talking about the same thing. so i go online and find a tutorial on how to do this because well even though he says it i'm a visual learner and i also want to make sure i don't mess i do it. it takes about 10 mins to do and your done no crazy crap like setting up candles and crap or an just do it piece of cake. so what was this thing that i tried to attain? well that very day i called up spencers because they were seriously thinking about hiring me...well i got mom's bed bath and beyond the guy didn't like my tattoo's apparently and also tends to hire college girls (heh sounds like what i'd do too) so that was a i needed a job and thats exactly what i did this sigil magick "spell" (if you can even call it a spell) for. my mom came home late that night....forgot to tell me but that morning/afternoon she says call the winsten-salam bed bath and beyond my old GM now a store manager (demoted himself) said he will hire know what i called him up he said to come in and he hired me right on the spot without doing anything...i just needed to fill out another app for records....and you know what i didn't just ask for a just i asked for a prosperous job...and at $6.55 down here for min wage...i can't live off worries even for being a lowly sales associate he gave me $9/hr. 
              again with magick you have to understand one thing.....alot of magick just seems like coincidence (i don't know how many books i've read that have said this) but after so many of these "coincidences" it starts to out weigh themselves....and the fact is this is how you prove to yourself if magick really works because mister joe shmoe that just keeps on saying prove it will never understand because it's truly a personal experience...granted when people see your life changing they might acknowledge it but the reality is most people prolly won't and just think your starting get a run of good luck or some crap.

ok now my second run in with magick....granted not as big as the job thing...but still none the less it proved it's point to me. my first full moon ritual was a ritual done from a enochian ritual and basically it was to promote happiness......first we call in the angels (that is what enochian magick is all about) and we had ahead of time wrote down stuff that you think would make you happy.......i had my list (still have it) and basically the guy running the ritual did a little phycology stuff with us....basically he went around the circle and took are paper that had what would make us happy on it...we were supposed to take it back.....sadly we didn't have to beat him up or anything but he just waved it in front of us and we had to take it out of his hand....the whole point of that was WE as people need to claim our happiness...nobody else but us can.
now a couple a days went by and i was kinda disappointed with the ritual because well it wasn't life changing as i was hoping it was going to be... well i was wrong. not even looking for anything of this nature i ran across a movie looking for other stuff called "living luminaries" and the whole video was obtaining true happiness and not just temporary a special someone, money, car, house...these are all temp. happiness. but it shows you how to be truly happy throught out every day of your life. and even when i watched this i wasn't thinking anything special....but then the group i'm doing this stuff with has a yahoo group and the guy said thanks for coming on the group board......and then it hit me... I was supposed to see that video..... I NEEDED to see that movie.

again sounds alot like coincidence....but if you prayed to God the christian way and asked for something and he gave it to you...would you just throw it aside and call it coincidence....prolly not.

but just so you guys know that google just brought out another thing that is in beta called "Knols" and basically it's a knowledge base...kinda like a wiki but you choose to let who can edit it...but basically i'm going to be writing up a thing on sigils...what they are and how they work. and i'll be sure to post the link on this blog when i'm finished with it. so you can learn and try sigils on your own if you want.

anyway here is that Grant Morrison video on sigil's.

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