There will be a fork in the road  

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ok i've been doing some reading from "The Power Of Now" and so far he makes alot of sense. so me being who i am and wanting to know more with less reading i go on google and check out google video and do a search on the author. Now i know Opera has put alot of stock into this guy. as much as i hate Opera i feel she is doing alot of what people are doing in this world and that is searching for the correct answer for themselves. Her ideas are the same ideas that i have. Basically everyone has a way to god and it's different for everyone....well of course the christians will say thats not true...why? because the bible said jesus is the only do they know...because god said so......IN THE BIBLE....can we grasp how this idea doesn't hold up. It keeps going around in a circle with no good foundation. yes i do believe that what the bible says is very powerful....but every other religion teaches the same principle teachings. so anyway so i've heard what these christians are saying and basically they so far from what i've read are blowing Eckhart's words way out of thing is there saying hes talking about other dimentions.......which he is not. he is just telling us how to think differently at life...they think it's evil that hes telling people to quite there know and i'll tell ya right now. it's because my mind was always dwelling on the past that my life was horrible for the most part these last couple of that i am learning how to quite my mind i havn't been this happy in quite  some time. how can these simple techniques be evil.

So we come into a fork from what i can see in my mind. 

  1. in i would say at the latest 2100 god will come and everything that was in the bible was true...whoops fucked up on that.
  2. That what everyone is talking about with this 2012 stuff and astrotheology are telling us is that were going into a new evolution an awakening so to speak...which would make sense that all these types of people are becoming pretty popular because there the ones that are opening up to this and getting ready for us to evolve.
heres the problem i have with churches. these people survive off people giving them money....tell people to come to church and learn about the wonderful person up in the sky and that will give them hope for all the pain and suffering that there enduring in this world. now if you have someone that is saying you can be happy all the time WITHOUT materialistic things (money, women, man, house, that new mp3 player etc etc) and you can have control of your life because you would have a inner connection with'd be telling people this shit is evil to because guess what YOU'D BE OUT OF A JOB then you'd actually have to do real work in your life....FUCK THAT right? 

Through science we have found out that we are all everything not just ourselves but to the world to space.....what makes you think we arn't connected to god too? what we have done is let these people manipulate us with thinking we need to go to a building every week (btw i think jesus even said something about fuck churches...your church is yourself it is your own personal relationship with god...but people have lost that) and god...the Catholics have this fucked up thing where you have no direct contact with got to talk to a "father" so he can rely the message to god.....what the fuck is that? how about that is what i feel if anything were to arise they can use that info to blackmail you if they so choose....just like the scientology freaks do.

but i digress. it's something that won't matter because well faith is faith and nothing will ever change that because each generation of people will say God is coming in there generation...and everyday a generation dies and a new one is born getting taught the same thing.....and history repeats it self.

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