I must have some charm.  

Posted by Darkmaer

hmm i was just thinking tonight.....I must be doing something right cause it seems like all the ladies who i love/d are coming back into my life. I mean thats a huge ego booster....I know one is completely a friend thing and TRUST ME i wouldn't want it any other way. But I'm happy to say that the other one that just came back into my life there to me is potential....granted i'm now a couple hundred miles away from them (irony of life...or is it just life like to play funny jokes). But the one that just came back into my life I take it as a complete sign that no matter what i or her was not ready for a relationship...i think it was both. i wasn't ready and she wasn't ready my type of relationship...a serious one. So even though it's long distance and technically were still on a friends lvl she has said she regrets ever holding back. but i'm not going to look into it too much. I still have my journey to go on and so does she...but i've seen funny things happen in life. we may be good friend or more down the road who knows...but i haven't gotten along with a women in quite a while so even though some people still prolly say stay away...i hold that in high value. Plus i know she needs someone to be there for her. (the point i'm trying to make with this part...its nice to know that i'm forgivin and not hated by the people that i would have laid down my life for...and i'm still special to them that they want to continue some sort of relationship)

but anyway....these days are CRUISING....seems like everytime i think i'm going to start my day it's already 9 at night. But i'm not sure if i mentioned this in other blogs BUT my orientation is set for well i guess this week (it's technically sunday right now) Thursday at 1 to 5....i'm excited to start making some money and going further with my spiritual journey and what not.

sorry my life is a real bore so i'm going to have to end this blog I just thought i'd get some stuff off my mind real quick.

and hey if anybody that reads these have known me for a awhile....i know i don't have alot of contact with alot of people....but...i want to know if i seem like i'm growing and becoming a better man......or am i still stuck in a whole and haven't progressed.

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