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Posted by Darkmaer

So i'm really really tired of these slow browsers....i mean don't get me wrong i love firefox...but the bad thing is they give me options...TOO many options. so i'm trading in my firefox i think for awhile for safari since well apple snuck that in with the itunes update anyway i might as well give it a shot...it has alot of nice build in features and it's quick and a big thing is there is no add ons for it so i can't get bogged down...sadly though the only thing i wish it did have is a google toolbar...but for right now i'll just have to deal without. it's will be a little of a hastle thats for sure considering i have all my bookmarks on google and not anywhere else really. but shit happens...i'll just be actually using google home page more often then i used too (which i have to say...for awhile there i forgot what it looked like) but it's cool. safari is quicker and less cramped so that makes for the most part a more enjoyable experience. anyway i really don't know why i'm typing this...i'm just bored as hell...i'll prolly in a few mins put in a family guy dvd and watch that as i fall asleep. 

but anyway life is looking pretty good down here. granted i've been pretty damn lonely down here but i'm happy so it hasn't really bothered me. It's going to be weird i haven't worked at a job where there is "normal" type people so this will be an adventure... who knows maybe i do start need to hang around some of the "normal" people since it seems the people i hang out with seem to have mental problems left and right. Whelp i'm done here....enjoy this crappy blog this morning.

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