Faults are beauties in a lovers eye.  

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The title is what i hold very true to my heart since well i seem to like women who that something about them that is different or strange but you can't quite put your finger on it...and i find that attractive...i tend to hate what the world considers "flawless"

but anyway the quote of the title had to do with eyes so that is also why i used it.....i want to make this a fun blog for me mostly kinda bored with the typical ones that i'm doing.....soooo

were going to talk and show you eyes so if you reading this from a feed to view to me these beautiful eyes please go to the source...my blogger.

well i have one weakness.....forget the body in all seriousness sure it's nice to look at but it doesn't matter how much you have a nice body you don't have control over me....infact if you just have a nice body like most guys the first thing i think about is....yeah shes fuckable...yeah yeah you can think what ever you want but that is the basic deciding factor for a guy of whether he wants to go out with you...i mean all in all in my mind there is a goal...meet someone who you find is attractive (aka fuckable in the eyes of a guy) then get to know if the personality is there to make it worth the shot to go and date them...then after so many years or whatever marry them. thats the whole idea of finding a mate correct.....finding that person who you are attracted to and become the best friends because there is nothing better then someone who loves you out of choice who will be there forever for you (in theory...)

but anyway i got off subject (i do that alot) my one weakness is eyes...not light eyes.....green, blue.....come on (though i'm not going to say that a redhead with a pair of bright green eyes aint delicious) but my weakness is the dark ones...the ones that when you look at some of them it's just seems like a black hole...it makes it so you can't look away like there is just sooo much mystery....and at the same time it makes me want to look away because i feel that they have total control over me.....so sit back and enjoy someone of the best eyes i just grabbed real quick off the Internet...and yeah if you know me you know where i found most of these.....also there is one actress that has some beautiful eyes but her pictures suck on the Internet...i guess because shes not all that well known she hasn't gotten a whole lot of close ups yeah...but all her pics seem to be when she is on the runway...meaning...CAKE THE MAKE UP ON!!! which I HATE...i like her in the movies because even though i know she has make up on and prolly alot but due to the lighting it makes her have this natural cute and her eyes just seem to beam but that would be Emmanuelle Chriqui. but anyway on to the pics....enjoy...maybe...lol i really don't care if you do or not.

Umm This girl below Likes the wheel of time Series so that makes her that much more hotter

The girl below there not super dark but there still dark and captivating

again not super dark....but captivating

and Nikkie Rhodes is another one of my favorites cause she has dark eyes and is a natural redhead (lol look her up you'll see) but yeah i couldn't get any nice pictures of her eyes without anything in her mouth......so....uh....sorry

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