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So I've gotten a little behind with my blogs/journals because so much has actually been going on...i useually write them at night and that just isn't working anymore. umm first thing is first......I didn't get the job at spencers apparently they didn't even wait to get the background check back...so my guess is they eventually seen somebody that they liked better...and personally i'm happy about it...i mean it sux i don't have a job right now but i'm happy because i've grown alot and stupid shit like that doesn't matter to me...i wouldn't have fit in because well the place just oozes imature and granted i can be imature at times for the most part which is why i can't have friends really my age is because i try to get a conversation going and what do i get is a bunch of dumb people who can't keep there mind focused on what i'm saying because they always have to blurt out something funny just so they can be the center of attention...which is why i hate group atmospheres because thats all it is is just on big pissing contest. but anyway what i'm going to say is i'm going to be a little bit selective about what i put on here because now i'm really starting to feel it with the spencers thing...granted not getting that job might have been for my highest good...i just feel somebody has interrupted that energy that i sent out by telling you all. Yes that can happen even if it's the most friendliest of friends unless they know how to control there energy and thoughts...alot comes from the subconscious. But anyway enough of that.

Umm anyway yesterday i went to the first Triad CUUPS meeting...yeah it was a meeting more then anything else. but it was nice cause i got to meet some people in the pagan comunity so far 2 people were the nicest one girl and a guy...can't remember the girls name but the guys name is Kenny...thats pretty easy to remember since it's my brothers name to begin with. but he was one of the most talkitive people...but yeah so it looks like i might have my first 2 friends...but this group is really cool i can't wait to be part of it. so far there talking about going to PPD (pagan pride day) and setting up an info table and they need volenteers so I would like to help in that....so there is another thing i can help in this comuniity also they want next year they were going to do it this year but then the one girl that was going to go had to back out cause she is closing the deal on a house and will be moving in that weekend....but apparently there is a big pagan thing in VA every year with workshops and a whole bunch of stuff...so next year if i get my pagan knowledge up and know how to do stuff instead of just like...wonder around like a bat in the dark....i mean i can read about it all i want but doing it is another thing...there is reason why they call it a craft, or practice...but yeah i'd like to be one of people to go next year...granted that means i need to become a member of the group which i think it's $12 a month which aint too bad but that $12 a month from everyone then goes to pay for trips and stuff like that for people or setting up tables at events and what not.

which brings me to my next part which i'm super super excited about but this Friday is going to be a full moon and I'm going to be going to my first full moon ritual...I'M SOOOO EXCITED not only because it will be my first time but so far everyone even people that come there the first time are saying that these things are very powerful and "stuff" always happens....they said last time as they were banishing the towers everyone saw a huge pentagram at the end of the ceremony materialize above them...but yeah the cool thing is not just the fact that there extremely powerful but each full moon ritual they have an individual person setup the ritual and if you have any knowledge you know pagan is a umbrella term...like like christian is...so you have all these different people with different pagan beliefs doing different rituals every month...I'm sad i missed Kenny's last month because he is does native American stuff...that would have been really cool....but i know i'm not going to be disappointed because my first ritual is going to be Enochian magick...so as we call the corners what were going to be doing is summoning angelic forces....sadly the guy asked what they would like to see in the ritual and Kenny had mentioned he would like people to where ceremony clothing...but sadly i don't have anything too cool...i'd totally where my pirate outfit but i still don't got the sexy leather pants yet...and my kilt....well isn't a real kilt and i think in that atmosphere if it's not a good one or at least a "toned" down one i shouldn't where it...since it is made by tripp meaning.....SHIT everywhere on the damn thing...so it looks like when i get a job i'm going to be getting the materials together and TRY to make some sort of rope of some sort....along with getting my alter...which is at a place called World Market...for almost $200...i'm debating if i should really just go to home depot and make one that would be perfect for me.....but you know i just really want it to look beautiful and if do something stupid like wood burn or TRY to carve something into it i know it will be really shitty looking you know...i want whatever i have to look as elegant as my future books of shadows.

but speaking of alter and what not...i went to a new newage shop i found on witchvox in my local area....and apparently my mom was in this one once but forgot about it.....I have no clue what so ever how my mom forgot about this one...granted it's not very good as in the book area but for everything else...alters alter supplies this is the king of new age shops...at least what I've seen...well the one in TN was pretty nice too...though i can't remember very well about that one....but anyway i felt compelled to buy something and since they had everything the one thing i was looking for...well since back in PA new visions seemed to have them for awhile but then they seemed to disappear and i didn't see them again but i saw a nice little cauldron which iron cauldrons aren't very cheap at all you know the typical ones that they show in cartoons and what not...i don't even know how much one of those would cost if they actually made them typically that big...my guess would be $500 and I'm low balling that prolly. but this one was a good price since i went on an online shop just recently and saw it for like $30 but this one was $17 for the same size about 4 inches high and 6inches across...perfect for an alter and not too big not too small. but yeah my alter supplies are almost complete....just need a few more things...then the alter then i can focus on getting supplies for spells and what not......mind you anybody who knows about magick knows that if you can do it more power to ya but technically you don't need anything to do magick....but for your average person...they need these types of things in order to get the mind in the proper mood....though potions you actually need the herbs and stuff....by the way potions are not like in harry potter or anything....it's just medicine...and if you do some research everything that has advanced our life and knowledge has came from these pagan cultures back in the the day

Alchemy = Chemistry

Astrology = Astronomy

Apothecary = Medicine

We are now seeing that what some would call magick is now what science is calling Quantum physics....now i'm not saying it's exactly...but i think Quantum physics is the foundation of why magick works.

anyway i'm done for this blog.

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