Astro Experience...of some kind, and Reflexology  

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Well pretty good day today...last night was amazing too...

So what did i do i woke up had myself an egg sandwich with the family....yup that's right it's a offical my mom is now remarried. then after i moved the grass, then after that that they watched "martian child" i said thats alright and played more xbox. when they were done watching that my mom finally gave me a reflexology and Reiki she said she will have to actually wait and see but she said i didn't have bairly any blockages...but why she said wait is because apparently because i hold stuff in (physically don't talk to people about my problems all that much...i useually write them) my feet are callassed and on the bottom they are a different shade because there so "tight" so she said after a few sessions will loosen them up and see if we don't find anymore blockages...but it was a pretty nice and relaxing time...though it was kind funny at times...also apparently when she reaches tender or painful your feet those are the blockages...cause i thought she was digging her nails into at certain spots but apprently not...which was mainly on top of my big toe and apparently that is a mental blockage interesting...i'm definately going to become certified just for the knowledge if anything...and down the road if i feel that it truly is my calling then i'll join my moms practice most likely.

After that she did Daniel (my moms new husband) and i don't think she did the hands at all with him...just the feet...he actually fell asleep...i don't think i could call asleep even if i wanted too. Once done with him they ordered pizza and we had french fries with it too. when eating we watched a film called "wings of desire" it was a 80's German film based on an angel that wanted to "live" it was a unque movie because for the most part it was all inner mono-log becasue the angel couldn't directly contact them but they could hear everyones it was alot of that....pretty cool...though slow...anyway he eventually became the sense of disiring a women so much that he became a "fallen angel".

and now here i am tonight writeing my blog.

NOW about last night. I had a major break through. I'm not sure why i had such a break through maybe it's because i was determined to do it so badly. So I put on my Christopher Penczak guided meditiation cd...since the music in the break ground has been the only thing that has really put me into a deep state...then again it could be the guiding as well. but anyway, In the middle i decided to ignore his voice and try something different on my own accord. I was listening to a podcast about astro travel and how to go about doing it...well i tried it (oh yeah by the way i put that chevron amethyst that i bought on my forehead...i was laying down too). What they said to do was imagine a rope or vine above your head and picture yourself or your soul trying to climb up the rope (since i'm also working on visualing and i can't keep a visual in my head too long they also meantioned visualize yourself running in a dark tunnel with light at the other i interchanged as i would lose visualization on one). Then it this happend (the feeling anyway not the exsperence) to me the first time i tried meditating and it too was laying down...but anyway all my whole body started tingling...if you ever passed yourself out by blocking blood going to your brain it felt kinda like that. then the visuals started coming.
I saw an eye (this part is a little fuzzy to me) but it was moving
and it looked like what i'd say a spider body with an eye on top of the
body...i kinda sensed fear (then again this was my first time doing
anything of this nature) but some how i knew i was safe...then all the
sudden an angel (well it looked like an angel to me...very typical)
picked me up away from this spider/eye thing though it wasn't
like in first person....kinda how i thought it would be. i knew he had
a hold of me but my perspective was above him (the angel). then he
dropped me and i came back out of my mediation...kind of
the drop knocked my concentration.

Now before this i got to the whole body sleeping feeling....but i couldn't concentrate because all the sudden my eye lids were flicking like i had to try very hard to keep them shut...and eventually it over took me and i had to start over again.....they still flickered as i was doing this but when i started seeing the big eye...nothing was going to make me open my eyes then.

So this experience is what i needed to move know and not be afraid...religion and growing up a christian has put a big hold on my moving forward with my life that i feel is the right path for me.

So anyway i'm going to try and do a light mediatative state tonight...because even though I had that experience...i know i can do it and it's real but i think that is way (well not too far ahead) of what i should be attempting without learning how to protect if i'm going to have a better experience i need to be able to learn to concentrate and visualize better.

then tomorrow i am going to church and then later to my meditation group.

anyway Blessings all

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