I'm really torn here  

Posted by Darkmaer

Ok...I'm seriously doing this...because i can. i really don't know how to explain it but with guitar i don't know to me it was okay but to me it wasn't fun...it was more like work because you couldn't fool around and still make half decent stuff.....unless you have put years and years of work into learning how to play then you could really fool around and make something decent. with making music using the computer i don't know i find it way more intuitive. and with retaking lessons about 2 years ago for a little bit on the guitar my teacher opened up a whole new world for me and the piano seemed more of an easy instrument to play then the guitar is. but anyway that is why i really can tell i'll get into this alot more...because i can do it...and not only am i creating one part of the song like a guitar can do...i create the whole thing as i envision it. which is a really nice feeling.

but anyway here is what i'm torn with...Apple keeps pulling me. hypnotizing me if you will. i look at your regular joe on youtube and he uses a pc to make his music..why is this? well for one he can afford a pc more so then an apple computer. but 2 the software is easier to find and steal. well if i'm going to get into this. i want to do it right (eventually). I want to put forth the effort and support the people that are making the wonderful products to make my dream and vision come into existence. so i want to buy the software down the road. now on top of that i look at all the people who know there shit in the business and what are they using to make there music? thats right an apple computer. and i know the reasons why they are using them. and i look at my ipod and look how well they had contructed it and i know that if i buy a mac i will definately get my moneys worth...i mean heck you can start making music right out of the box with garageband (nothing super fancy mind you). but what is killing me is the money i have to put out for one of these computers...but if they are as good as my dell (and i'd like to think there better) i'd get a good 6+ years out of it....so it would definately be a good investment....and i could continue to save so when it was time to upgrade i could. but i'm looking at $2,000 right off the bat for a macbook pro. that is the lowest model they have. the funny thing is it bumps up $500 for a little bit better video card (which i wont need) 50extra gigs of harddrive space (doesn't matter when most my stuff is going to be on an external) and .1 extra for ghz (2.4 to 2.5) thats not worth the extra $500..at least for me. it just sux you know because i could get a PC for around $1200 with alot more beefier specs...but there is a reason for that and which is why it makes pcs more cheaper.......so i'm kinda torn. i guess i'll just see where this PC takes me and how far i'm willing to save.....but boy i've been dreaming of a mac for a very long time...i might just have to suck it up and hold out and get it

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