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Alrighty for some reason i have not used this one program i have as a plugin for firefox called today i'm going to use it. which i like it so far because all i have to do is press a little icon in the corner of my browser and it fills up half the screen with a full word editor where i can add video pictures you know the useual but also has alot more other stuff and of course you can add multipule blogs and you can just send it over and over. and another cool thing is i can even though this is my first blog using this thing i can bring forth past blogs from the blog picker off to the side.....but yeah this is a little nifty the sad thing is i've had this thing for awhile now and havn't used though i did imput my blogs already to just start writing. but the cool thing though is now...i can view all my tabs and just surf the internet while haing this right below so i can thinking about what to write while i'm writing which for me usually i get alot of what i write just surfing the internet...but the sucky thing is i have useually have to keep a tab open just for my blogger to keep it up like that and with this i can keep this up and do the internet surfing or i can make it dissapper and bring it back up and my writing is still there.

Well spencer's called me back so now i'm going there tmorrow morning to see whats up...going to prolly run me through stuff and what my job is when i start what my pay is going to be and all that Jazz. but i'm not going to be too curious about there pay because i know how it was in york. so yeah the good thing is i got the job.

Anyway i really didn't do too much today. right now i'm watching a documentary on Bill Hicks and waiting for my mom to do what she is doing and were going to go pick up some mexican food and bring it back to the house because she wants to keep cleaning. i personally don't think the house is that bad at all but what do i know i'm not super gun hoe on having some place super clean..if stuff is organized and i know where it is along with having the floor walkable i'm happy. like right now my desk has got som plugs my remote for my xbox, headphones, mail, lighter, xbox controller, xbox game (assassins creed) my usb flash drive, some little baggies that i bought some rocks from and there just laying here.....and i got charcoal and insense and deodorant all on this little desk...not including my normal stuff like speakers, monitor, external HD, digital camera. anyway i'm getting way blabbing.

Well we just got done watching Jurassic park and we have already been to the Mexican restaurant so yeah the day is pretty much over and this is going to be after 12 so i'm getting behind my 3page a day blog...i already missed last night oh well.

but right now i'm watching a George Carlin stand up...cause i've been wanting good laughs of late. anyway Yesterday i picked up another book (damn that used book store) mainly i picked it up because i knew i could find it anywhere because i always see it everywhere so i was sure i could pick it up at the bookstore but my friend Jess said it was a really good book. anyway it was "The 21 Lessons of Merlyn" you know that wizard...but i was always a little hesitent to pick it up because it has such a big media myth charactar such as Merlin or Meryln how ever you want to spell it. but actually reading the first part it is done in a really cool way. it's about druidism because that was what Meryln practiced but it's cool because it's set in story mode but it's also shows you how to do stuff through it's wording...though i think it's also got section that is purely magick and what not but still i like when i read a book like that......such as "MY BOOK" the legend of drizzt by R.A. SALVATORE which why i call it my book is because that book is me...if you want to understand me to a great that book. but anyway it showed magick but because of the way it's written unless you know what your reading you really don't know whats in front of you. anyway thats another book to my collection...i'm really surprised that i don't have a bigger collection with how much i feel that i buy books....but once i start getting this job up and running i'm really going to try and get that Eastern Press collection of the "100 Greatest Books Ever Written" because i've been wanting to do it for awhile now...but do to the fact that i'd have to spend $45 every month....but i know i spend well over that normally on books a yeah i might as well start it....cause when i have kids i do want to have a nice set of books to read to my kids...cause then i can give them to them to give and read to there kids....and so on and so forth.

So while i'm on the book topic this is a new achievment DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!! I actually finished GENISIS!!! holy cow...and to tell ya the truth it started getting good at the end but for the most part dragged all to hell. and what i found funny was how much stuff when i was a kid had SOOO much detail in my childrens books.....then i read the bible and something that fills up a whole childrens book when i was a kid has about 15 sentances worth in the i'm trying to figure out how they get so much info out of 15 sentences....but the good thing is i'm actually figureing stuff out that i should have known...maybe i did i just didn't put it together...such as how the hebrews got down in egypt and became slaves to begin you find out by the end of GENISIS...but the way it's written it does seem like what Jordan Maxwell said.....that Jews choose a god out of a series of gods to be there god....cause just the way god talks to the people god always makes sure to say something along the lines of i'm the lord of your father and his father...if you were a one and only just say i'm god...not i'm the god of your father...thats a givin you dumb that is my point.

but anyway this might not be 3 pages but i'm tired got to be at the mall by 10 and i really just want to relax and laydown read a little while i'm watching this show and hit the cya all

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