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Well another night another Journal Log. Well i kind of did a quick little check on my finances and decided i needed to celebrate getting a job sooo what I did was today i technically got up around 3 in the afternoon. and went on out to the new age shop to get my Amethyst well I got looking around and decided to get a few things i got 3 stones...well 2 stones and some wood that is now a personally i can't call that a stone no matter what. and then i saw in the glass case these beautiful necklaces made out of porcelain by a company Called "Touchstone Pottery" well i saw one that was a donut shape with a flat back with some Celtic knot work which represents spiritual growth...something i'm always working on so i thought it fitted perfectly for me so i got it. So my first piece of jewelry that is special to me....i'd still like a piece of jewelry from someone that means alot to know to make that piece of jewelry even 10x more special to me....but that doesn't look like that is going to happen for quite some time. but i also picked up a Coexist bumper sticker for my car. but anyway (and this is mainly to take up space to try to make it 3 pages mind you) i'm going to tell you what stones i got and there meanings.

Amethyst: Is known as a stone of spirituality and contentment. Helpful in entering and maintaining meditative state. Helps business affairs prosper. Can be used to protect against psychic attacks. It can support sobriety.

Petrified Wood: Allows for access to past lives via meditation with the stone. A stone of transformation, assisting one to advance to one's highest chosen level. Shows that all actions lead to ultimate purpose.

Green Calcite: A mental healer, dissolving rigid beliefs and old programs. Helps in letting go of what is familiar but which no longer serves. Aids communication. Powerful stimulator for the immune system. Absorbs negativity and rids the body of bacterial infection.

Oh and for the people that kind of laugh this stuff your research. everything vibrates such like our bodies are vibrating...certain vibrations do certain things to the body. just like how certain flashes of light along with the flicker of a TV can give some people seizures. People underestimate the mind and body.....i've always have said and thought that there is a cure for everything in nature whether it be plants or even i'm not so sure about these government made illnesses.....such as AIDS and Cancer but for the typical illnesses i feel that still holds true.

after that i went back to Earthfare because i forgot butter the other day and i picked that up and along with that tea thing i talked about but anyway apparently you can drink any tea like this but apparently this is how they drink it down in south America. but anyway the Tea that is supposed to be drank out of this is called "Yerba Mate" and basically all it is is a hallowed out gourd and you fill that gourd up with tea leaves 2/3rds full...then you tilt it and make space on one side for water (cold water) put enough in but not too much that it covers the top of the tea. you let it settle and sink into the clump it together then once it's soaked up you stick the metal straw in......which is covered on the end with vents so not to get the leaves (though when you first start you do get some in...but it's ok) then you take hot water (about 150 degrees F) and now you got your tea and you drink it can be a single drink or a group thing....which i like that version better....when you first drink it it's pretty strong but once you keep on drinking it gets more mellow. but anyway it's just a little gourd but the cool thing is because there is so much tea in it you can keep filling it up and still drink and drink...which is why it would be a good campfire thing (ditch the pot and have some tea....why would you really want friends that you had to be high around to have fun) but anyway it says one preperation should last through several quarts of hot thats pretty they say you can put honey in it too....which does sound like it would make it better but I don't know how i would really do that as of right now....i mean i guess you could put it right into the gourd but honey for me unless i try to stir it up just goes down to the my sugestion would be to get yourself a container that holds the hot water (that way you can fill it up over and over on the go) and put the honey in there so you can shake it up and what not.....just a thought. but anyway i really like the idea. also the reason why they really promote this tea "Yerba Mate" is because apparently it's got the power of coffee with much less caffeine so no jitters and you get the energy and apparently you can go right to sleep too when you want to compared to coffee....also it's got antioxidants which rival tomato and spinach...i wish they had a little graph for green tea but apparently good or better then green tea. but yeah this little kit came with a cd-rom with a little interduction to the company and the tea and it came with the gourd and the straw (which is special just for this way of drinking) and it also came with 6oz of yerba mate which after my first prep of tea i know that 6oz is going to last me for quite some time.

anyway check out the site if your interested Nativa

After that i went to the used book store again...i got to stop that...but when you can get a brand spanking new book that doesn't even look used to at the most i've seen (well the stuff i like) for $13 compared to the $30 retail price....hells yes i'm going to take advantage of that. So today i went and picked up one of my potter books that i had gotten rid of because i was strapped for money at the time...but that one was the "half blood prince" know the green looking one. doesn't looked touched....$10 booya.

Then out of curiosity because again i don't know anything about this religion (well much anyway) i decided to pick up the book to eventually read.....MIND YOU have no worries i'm not going to go down this path because i think it's an utter joke to begin with and i have to laugh at anybody who is involved with the religion.......but i picked up the book called "Scientology: The fundementals of thought (the basic book of the theory & practice of scientology for beginners)" and it is by the creator of Scientology the science fiction writer (yeah you know that crappy movie battlefield earth....thats one of his books) L. Ron Hubbard. but i got to say without a doubt they put together a nice book.....granted every cover looks like it should be on a cheesy psychic commercial.....but the book it self is really take the cover off and it's got a nice little picture on the book it's self and it's a nice green hard bound book...and on top of that it's got a nice little feature that i actually wished every book would just makes things easier and nicer but it's got 2 finger "notches" of where the appendix, and glossary and from what i had seen all the books that he writes on i got to give them props there. but ANY and i repeat ANY religion that requires thousands of dollors to apparently to get started on (i mean sheesh why make books about the whole religion if it requires you to put thousands of dollors in...just make the info private until you give them the money then you get the books......UNLESS and i don't think that is how it is...that you can do this religion BUT if you actually want to be apart of the "church" you need to put forth the money...that would make sense since that seems to be the way alot of religions know the dishonest money grubbing religions) and a relgion that in order to be apart of you have to HOOK UP A STUPID MACHINE that doesn't do a damn thing (except maybe it's a lie dectector) and your supposed to tell them every little secret to the church that you might have that you might not want to reviel to anyone......basically so later they can blackmail you if you start talking bad about the church.....and of course there are talks about murders by the church for people that talk TOO much. but anyway.....just wondering what they believe don't worry people...i'm not a dumb person. but yeah so far the book seems very know like those little pamlits(sp?) that christians drop off at different places with the stupid comics on them.....yeah it kind of reminds me of that when i flip through it and see some of the pictures they have.

Well tonight i was supposed to pick up my mom and well guess what.....flight was delayed till right now there in Michican staying at a i'll pick them up tomarrow afternoon. anyway i think i'm done this blog for tonight.......and i'll leave you with a funny Scientology thing since i was talking about it.

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