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Well end of the night I'm getting tired time to write my blog. today was a pretty good day except for the fact that the new age shop was closed monday. but oh well. i wanted to get an amethyst and try a laying meditation...at least until i can create some sort of crown thing....i have an idea of how it would look but it's just making it. the reason being is amethyst is supposed to help open up the third eye. and i'm wanting it to open so bad...even though i know i should just let it happen naturally but again i think that is my #1 thing i'm supposed to learn in this life is patience. but anyway before that i woke up at about 8 got into the shower got dressed and went for my interview with spencers. well they had me fill out some paper work after i gave them there little interview and there are now in the process of doing a background check. so i guess that means i got the job......now for the kinda cool part it's SALES SUPERVISOR so that means i'm only 2 positions from store manager...granted i personally don't ever see myself being a store manager for anything because well...i'm just too laid back. but the good news is the fact that this is now something i can officially put on my resume thats actually REAL manager position...i mean keyholder was technically but the fact that it is a title such as keyholder it almost seemed laughable and i think thats what most people seen it as. but now it's official that i actually am in a manager position. then i went to subway grabbed a sub not really thinking that i wasn't going straight back to my house...so i thought about something real quick headed over to hot topic because i saw it when i went in before but thought i'd ask thinking the answer would be no anyway....but they had a WITHIN TEMPTATION shirt and of course no larges....but i asked anyway if the shirt in the plexi was a shirt...i hate doing that because i know how much i hated it but low and behold it was worth it....it was a LARGE...my lucky day so far. considering nobody i personally know when i mention them knows who they are..granted you couldn't get there albums for awhile here but now there signed to roadrunner.....err there is just something about when someone gets signed to a big label that shit starts to fuck up for them...there poppy something is wrong with that album....it's lost it's enchanting quality that i loved about there music (BTW there needs to be something done about the genre that this type of music is in...it's tied in with alt metal...sure there is some songs that have a little electric guitar but by no means is it METAL whats so ever).

Anyway after that i went to my new bank (errr) bank of America i know fucking large banks. but i wanted something with mobile access and it was either that or wachovia or however the fuck you spell that.....and i had an account with them...not sure what happened to it whether my ex screwed me over in that department (we moved apart it was a join account...in order for her to be off the account she had to be present even though it was my account to begin with....whatever...but we broke up and never got around to doing it so i let her "have the account" even though my name was still on it so hopefully everything went well in that department) but i didn't want that indian bank company (i'm assuming it sounds like an indian name). so bank of America it was...so it is nice that i can paybills look at my balance without having to be home or calling a # and inputing 50 different options just to do something....just get on there WAP site log in and bam there is my balance of my checking and savings and i can transfer funds and pay bills and i think a few other things too as well...so yeah pretty handy. but yeah i went there because when i first got here i knew i needed an account so i went there and started an account well bank of America are a bunch of fucks and think it's normal to NOT have free checking...so i have to do certain things in order not to have a $6 fee every month....well i go on there website and find out that if i open an account ONLINE like it's some big fuckin deal of whether i do it online or at an actual bank really matters....i get free checking....because before i had to at least have a direct deposit going into my checking account (i just fucking moved here with no job...thats not going to be happening most likely) or you have to maintain $1000 balance.....yeah thats not happening either....well yet anyway...same with savings...i need to put a certain amount in that too to not pay a fee...but this could be any means it doesn't have to be direct deposit...but i'm not complaining about that it will force me to put money into it and save.....but they also got another program with there check card which is nice as well called keep the change.....basically it makes life a little easier (at least for me) and it helps me save money...basically for example if i pay $6.35 for a cup of coffee when i use my card $7.00 is taking out of my checking...so it rounds it up to the nearest dollor..and what happens is it makes it nicer for you to balance your checkbook since it's a flat rate and no change.....then what happens is the $0.65 gets put into your savings....it doesn't sound like much but you do a few purchases in a day you might be looking at a few dollars in your savings.....it's kind of nice....lol unless your poor as fuck but i don't see myself being like that again...i feel like i have some control in my life.

after that i went the the HUGE used book,cd,and movie store. and found hard bound versions of the Celestine Prophecy so i picked up 2 of those. one for myself and one for my friend Jess since she was the one who introduced me to the movie, and i know she is a huge lover of it and she doesn't have the book (obviously) and then there was the sequel to the book called "the tenth insight" which i picked up that as well...once i read it i might hand it over to Jess to have as well and maybe i'll be lucky and find it again but they only have one of those. and i also bought a book from this Vietnamese monk about Buddha called "Old Path White Clouds" and the main reason why i got that is well i don't have any Buddhism books and 2 the meditation group that i just started going to that is the teachings (the monk not Buddha himself)of who they follow so i picked that up to hopefully get a better understanding...cause to be frank i always here stuff about Buddhism but i never really know what they truly believe...hopefully this book will clear some stuff up.

oh yeah before the bookstore i went to the organic store and picked up some soy milk and a vitamin water. but i also ran into a curious thing with tea...at least it's new to me...but i can't find it anywhere on the internet because i forgot what it's called.....from what i gaher it's kinda like a coffee press effect but not....you use a metal or wooden straw and the cups are like a gourd or wood..and there all fancy looking but it looks like the leaves are loose but the straw is vented so almost as to get the liquid but not the leaves....i don't know but once i start getting paid i'm going to get one and give it a go since this store has all kinds of tea and it's loose tea too not in any bag or what not.

after that (this is after the bookstore) i went home for a little while played a little X-box, read a little bit of my book about dragon magick. then went to the market and picked up some food for a few days. and came back here watched a film and now i'm here.

but anyway i think if this were paper it would be about 3 pages worth (considering my writing) so i think this is a good place to stop

and for my enjoyment more then yours since i talked about within temptation i now have to put a few videos below.

this is by far my favorite song by them...too bad it's not a video video but one of those stupid slide show things with the stupid pictures

ah and this can relate to my past very well

Stupid video....i don't like the way she acts in it...but good song

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