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This is one of those things that i always run through my mind quite a bit. I'm sure its the same for ladies but to a certain extent but because of the way men are brought up to the idea of what a "man" should be i don't think women know or grasp how hard it is for the guy as well.

Ok in the dating area women have to do one thing. look attractive that's it, if they choose to give it up then that's another thing they will have to do.

For men nowadays for dating here is what we have to do. because apparently women don't think just a relationship in general is a challenge (which it is it's a real challenge) us guys we have to somehow (and i'm still trying to figure this out...i'm very bad at balancing things) get you to notice us by way of looks, personality and everything else under the sun...then but because women like to play games it seems more then they do care about finding true love (because lets face it your companion should be your best next time your with your best guy friend...ask yourself will he be by my side no matter he always there for me now?). But for some reason to be with a women you are not allowed to be her it's this game of getting her attention and then disregarding her and making her feel like shes not all that.....which boggles the mind....why would you want to be with someone who doesn't treasure you? i can understand to a point...where is the fun if there is no hunt? but that's a false challenge. a real challenge is when your in the relationship. because everyone has differences everyone is stubborn in there own way about certain things...and the challenge with a relationship is learning to find that middle ground.

Now for the image of a "man" where does one find ideas of what something should be though out history.....books, movies, tv, music....everything that does what it supposed to do ENTERTAIN US. People need to realize what is reality and what is fantasy.

Here is what i have seen from this....and what makes the girls get all and what they need to realize is there lovely characters in there books and movies are fake....those actors 90% of them are prolly assholes. same with the band members. So what do have as far as a guy.....In the fantasy world (and guys do try to replicate it) your not to have emotion what so ever. if you are sad depressed anything....your supposed to take it out in anger or your supposed to compress it. your not allowed to show love until that one moment and your not supposed to talk or anything your just supposed to go right in for a kiss. the men that you see in movies and in books.......are fake not real. no human can be like that...and how can you truly have a meaningful relationship like that.....and thats the funny thing about movies....they never show you the long haul of that love affair....because in movies and in books to show real "love" it has to be shown by the most 2 painful things that you never would want to go through if you loved someone (to get the point across) either by death or by can look back as far as books have been written these are the 2 main things to get love across to always saddens me. i mean braveheart one of the best stories....both of the women he was executed the other he had a love affair is the structure to show passion of's sick in perverted if you ask me.

to be a man......I find that a man is tough to be even in realistic terms. My gods just ask all the mother in laws what they think about there daughters husbands (tho they seem to be cool if your rich...i'll leave that one alone before i start to boil) a man should be protecting, comforting, loveing, open, thoughtful, kind, gentle, firm, supportive....a man should be allowed to be open about his feelings without feeling discriminated (which is sad. i feel the more i talk about my feelings the more women find me unattractive because i show my weaknesses to them. which it doesn't mean i'm week in the slightest it MEANS I'M FUCKIN HUMAN not like these pre-scripted fake things that this world calls a "real man". when i show my weaknesses and my flaws i'm giving you a piece of me because i trust you with's a gift of trust...and it should be respected not looked down upon). a man should be able to support his family (something i haven't gotten too yet in my life....but ask my ex when the going gets tough i try my hardest..i will do everything in my power to support my gf/family and also make sure i'm also taking the time to try and make them feel special).

I think the reality is we have too high of expectations when it comes to love the women i like typically arent the hottest things on the meter but i enjoy there company and i know i can trust them with my thoughts...but being a guy it seems we have to be above and beyond anything a real man can be

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