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So now with me getting this brand new job and thinking to myself what i would need and my brother giving me my car money (after clutch i'll have an extra $300) i have to sit down and think of things that i feel i would need soon. so first by far in my book is an external Harddrive. My computer has 4 harddrives in it and it just hits the 120 gig status. My harddrives are also to there max limit. i'm always having to take my 4 gig thumb drive and transfer my stuff down to my brothers computer just so i can burn the stuff on a dvd (my dvd burner stopped working). so thats my first little thing i feel i need to get. so thats going to roughly take out that $300 that i'm going to have extra for a car because i want to get a 1 terabyte external harddrive that way i never have to worry about it for awhile.

then my next thing is a big step but i do need one before it's too late. but i need a new computer. my computer is from 2002 i have picked this thing up before and thrown it to the ground......i need a new one. it's noisy as hell and occasionally the fans will spaz out. so i know i don't got to long before one day the thing is just going to overheat and burn out something on it from the CPU fan not working. So i think since i got a pretty damn good job now i think i'm going to save up for a macbook since FINALLY i'll get to own a mac.....then i can decide wether or not i like them or not...but something tells me i'll love it very much. my assumptions so far so that way i'm not too dissapointed is that the mac and windows computers crash and get errors equally (which i'm quite happy with xp's error problems i rarely get them...besides program errors. but thats the only thing i'm really concerned about because well with bootcamp now you can run windows in mac so it's not a big deal about computability issues. the only thing i know for sure is I HATE VISTA

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