's going to take some time to get used to it  

Posted by Darkmaer

well I'm getting ready for my new job tonight. This is going to suck with having to be at work today at hottopic but i'm going to have to do it for tuesday as well so i might as well have to get used to it. So i made myself some Coffee for on the way there and then i got the free coffee and apparently juices and i hope tea as well there at my new job.

but yeah i'm pretty excited about getting back to writing my book. Though i don't know when i'm going to get a chance to sit down and start writing again...I guess i could on my breaks i just hate the fact that i would be writing it on paper and then having to type it back up on the pc here...something that annoyed me with what i did before since i lost my disk..but now i am doing my story on google docs which now it is with me where ever i go...i should still copy it into a word document and put it on my 4gig usb dongle thing...

err my brother called me and was close to the time i had to leave so i forgot all about that i was doing this and left the house for work without posting errr

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