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Damn what a week...this is my only day off and actually hottopic just called me (err txt me) to work tonight....i had to decline as much as i'd love to work i need more so my body needs rest...i'm on my feet actually working (not that stuff at hottopic we call "work") and my body still isn't quite used to it.....and working in converse is definately not the best idea either.

Ok so i got overtime already on starbucks job. 8 hours to be exact so that was roughly $15 an hour last night. sweet deal. Also my brother is writing me a check for $800 today haha new clutch and 1 terabyte harddrive here i i can download all the music and movies i want and not have to worry for prolly quite a few years.......even for a pirate like me.......then again it might go quicker i'm not sure since i'm always having to be cautous about what i'm downloading because of worrying about space all the time.

Anyway it was a great paycheck friday. $507 my biggest paycheck i got from hottopic (i can't wait till starbucks kicks in...i get paid weekly there and my friend said roughly $300 a paycheck (except i'm getting insurance too so i'm going to guessimate negetive $50) but still. $40 for gas, $100 for my brother and like $16 for insurance per week that will give me roughly $93 dollors to within a month i could have $372 which equals SWEET in my book. and thats not including hot topic which i'm going to guess i will prolly get like $60 from there at least......not great but hey it's more money in my pocket.

But anyway so what did i purchase this paycheck......well my dad lost $100 somewhere so i gave him $60 and he will pay me back this friday....i'll need it because i don't know if my direct deposit for starbucks will kick in just yet and since they mail you the paychecks i will prolly get it like monday......which sux. but anyway so i'm short $60. but i got 2 sets of plugs.....i'll have to post them sometime because the ones are freakin funny as hell.......there the blingiest earrings i've ever seen.....but what is nice is they got some weight to them so yeah i like that. they swing a little bit. and then the other pair are just tunnels with stars in them.....nothing really special but they get you at hot topic by saying there buy one get one half off......which means you almost half too.....and plus it was employee 50% off weekend granted it's only 10% off from normal discount it's still extra percentage. then what i got was a new game called Lost Odyssey.

Lost Odyssey is made by one of the orginal creators of final fantasy which means if you like those types of games it's a kick ass game.....if you don' suck. so far the story is really cool. the cut scenes are mind blowing. the characters are varied enough to keep you got the main character that is the typical girl falls in love with because he has no emontion he doesn't know tall dark and hansome...tho this guy looks more gay to me......but whatever...these are the stupid guys women like because they get to bitch about something to there friends.......wouldn't want a boyfriend that you can't bitch about. then there is the girl.....shes just a girl....serious when she needs to be and light hearted when she wants to be....then there is the guy that so far was sent to destroy these 2 far hes my favorite. hes the comedy of the game so far. when the group gets together he arrives drunk and with three chicks for his last goodbye for his journey and his pervertedness is always makeing you smile so far. There is also dreams in the game. because the main character for some reason lost his memory (he is immortal and has lived thousands of years) so each dream is a new awakening of well losses in his life......but at first i THOUGHT was sucky was it was all words you had to read these damn things.......and there not short.....but as i read them there quite powerfully written....and the backgrounds are kind of interactive.....there is sound and pictures done it's pretty cool......of course all the stories are sad so far......and granted being a vampire for example sounds like a cool idea.....but just the fact that you would have to see the ones you loved die wouldn't be fun at all......because you know how cursed you are you would never let that befall your loved of course you would reject the idea if they wanted you to make them a vampire as well.

but anyway GOOD game so far......and thankfully there is a game like final fantasy that is as good on xbox now........oh yeah and it's 4 freakin discs......the first game that i've seen on the xbox with more then one disc.....tho i heard blue dragon has 3 i think......but again by the same company. which i still want to pick that one up

anyway here is the trailer for the game......well one of them

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