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Alright. well soon as i get this thing up and running i'm going to start up a music project blog...along with a myspace. so get ready for that stuff...i'm just still trying to come up with a project name for this....then i'll be on the move...i already have one track in the works. which of course i'm running into a few sumbling blocks because i'm learning as i go i'm going to guess not to expect Assemblage 23 with my music at first but more along the lines of blood hound games shitty not that i don't like there stuff every once in awhile i just think there stuff can be made using a kmart version keyboard(but my stuff will sound better then a kmart keyboard).

but i just downloaded a ebook for FL so i can jump over those hurdles.

but i filled up my ipod just about with most of my favorite industrial stuff (whole collections of ...vnv nation, Assemblage 23, NIN, MSI, and a few other stuff scattered.....and now i got less then 2 gigs free....granted i got some podcasts and video podcasts on there as well...and some pics....but still damn that shit takes up alot....but i figured i better fill my head with this stuff to keep my interest high. since that is always my problem loosing interest in hobbies too quickly. so now i need to start going to industrial shows and stuff to keep my interest (since going to a show really gets you pumped always...makes you want to be up on that stage....and that all the women want to sleep with you thing has it's little moment of popping into your head).

anyway so far everything is moving along just fine....and will prolly move alot quicker when i don't have to use a keyboard for my stuff and i actually get the midi keyboard.

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