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Boy what a week so far...I'm thinking since i don't have a job that my days for the most part would be somewhat relaxing...but low and behold everyday has been busy as hell.

So whats up so far?

When i first got here i basically did a quick hello and went straight to unloading my car because i knew if i sat down or relaxed i wouldn't want to get stuff out of the car......so within the first hour i had everything unpacked (took a quick break to get a drink before taking the bed off the top of the car. Then after doing that i put my bed together as my mom went and got us subs from subway...by the time she got back the bed was done and i was working on putting my desk i had bought before i came down here together. once that was done and my computer was setup that was the end of the night for me...it was time to relax. My room is quite big...about as big as my old room in my George St. apartment.....though since i have a single bed i have even more space. about the only thing i really need is a computer chair (using a kitchen table chair) and some sort of table or something......then i seen the perfect size and height round table as this pier one import type store down here for an alter....but it doesn't come cheap either...so hopefully it will still be there when i get a job. so after i took the weekend to relax...

Each day I've been getting up and going around town and picking up applications and boy is that annoying....i've filled out like 10 so far. I have a interview for spencer's monday. and hopefully i hear back from bed bath and beyond because that will be a manager position. So far those are the only ones that i've gotten a reaction out of...earth fare (a natural food supermarket) said to call.....so i guess there the kind of company that likes callers.

anyway last night my mom took my card and went to bed bath and beyond (she works there...one of her many jobs) and picked me up a 50 pack of these altra thin hangers so now all my clothes are all hung up (so no wrinkles...yay) and then this morning i had to take them to the air-port since they are going to go see her boyfriend's reletives in Wisconson then after that i came home (got lost) and basically at that time i put all my clothes in the dryer (to get them un-wrinkled) and hung them up.....then after that i went and dropped off all my apps to the places that i had picked up yesterday. then i went to target and picked up another bookshelf (my desk came with a little waist size shelf) you know one of those cheap $30 six footers. so i just finished that and cleaning up my room from the mess of the shelf and all the empty boxes that most my books were still in....i'm down to 2 boxes now...misc shit box and i need another wine box to fit the rest of my dvd's in (my moms boyfriend is a big fan of wine and goes to wine tasteing thingers all the time so he gets the left overs alot...and boxes...there handy for exactly that...dvds) but yeah after i got home today from getting the book shelf i realized that i was blistering....now i knew i got sun burnt coming down here....but i didn't realize it was that bad that i was actually going to blister.

But as far as meeting people....i think i'm going to go to a church...though not your typical church. this is a Unitarian Universalist church. Which basically it is a church that accepts all faiths without the credence and disrespect you get from dogmatic religions. So I'll prolly go for multpile reasons. 1 is i really don't know anybody here. this will give me a foot in the door at least. 2 i am a fan of studying all religions....what better of a place then a group of mixed religions that meet every sunday. and 3 they have a group called the CUUPS (Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans) which is a pagan group inside this church that meet and do rituals (along with another male group called "the royal order of The Knights of Herne" which i'm not too sure about.) but yeah i think this is a good opertunity to shine down here and meet some like minded people.

another thing i've been doing since i've been down here is i have actually been reading my bible...granted the main reason why is because of a book i almost got finished before i had to give back to my friend called "Eden: The Knowledge of Good and Evil" but i picked up this little pocket bible because all all my bibles i have are these big ass ones infact the nice one i have is prolly an inch and a quarter thick....so hauling that thing around can be a pain so i was looking for a nice little one and right away when i saw this one i had to get it....i didn't care about the translation or anything i just saw it and had to get it...but so far the translation is not too bad compared to what i have seen. but it's a English Standard Version it's a dark green with a celtic knot cross on it.....quite beautiful so i had to get it. But yeah i'm actually almost finished with Genisis which is something i never have done before...i usually get bored really quick. but then again since i'm not working there really isn't much i could be doing until i get hired somewhere.

Anyway that is my update on my life.

Cheers for now.

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