First day of church  

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Well i got to say first day was a little akward but for the most part everyone was really nice. I met someone who actually just moved down from lockhaven, least i think that is what she said...would have been another town. and i've already met an initiated witch which just by the look of him i kinda had a good idea that he was. but yeah so far everyone was nice and i had a really good time for the most part. we had some state offical of some kind do ther "sermon" which it was about the church and politics so that was cool any talk by someone who is in politics i get a great joy about.

but anyway there is all kinds of extra activities in the church in fact in about and hour and a half i'm going to go back and they have a meditation group with a Monk so i'm going to partisapate in that and maybe gets some pointers there....since well i'm having problems opening up my 3rd eye....everytime i meditate i feel a push pull feeling almost to the point that i feel i'm going to have a massive headache by the time i'm done mediateing but when i'm done it never happens so i know it's not like i'm concentrating to hard when i meditate (because your not supposed to concentrate on anything....your supposed to let your thoughts kind of flow by like watching water run down a river.....observe but not interact with least thats what i've come to think of it as) but i've talked to numerous people and they all say it's my third eye trying to open...and anybody that knows me i'm to some certain extent have some sort of 6th sense.....i know people for the most part before i even talk to them i know when people are being untrusting etc etc and i have a feeling if i can open up my 3rd eye it will be a whole nother world for me...but i just got to get to that point.

but anyway enough of that when my mom gets back i think were going to start my reflexology stuff and she is even going to start working on me and unblocking my MANY blockages...which i know i have. and hey you never know maybe i do have a blockage on my 3rd eye and this will help...but i know i have blockages on my throat, heart and stomache.....and maybe others....i know i also need "cords cut" but i think that will come in time with me getting out there and being apart of the pagan community.

anyway i'm done for this blog.


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