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So I'm sitting here in my car on my 15min break (granted ill be finishing this next break) but anyway I'm listening to my guilty pleasure right now (a kiss could be deadly) and got to thinking. How freaked out I'd be if someone actually wrote me a love song…maybe its because all the women that find me attractive "in that way" are all twice the size of me. Of course everyone thinks I'm low because I won't give any big women a chance. Well I've learned in life (tho not always) you can tell a lot from a person just from there weight. Ill be the first to admit am I completely happy and confident with myself? No not really. Having every women I'm attracted to reject me or play with my emotions or just plain rip out my heart doesn't help very much either. But anyway I've been doing good with not worrying about a relationship so I'm going to stop there. But someones weight says they arnt happy with who they are and there life. I think it has very little to do with what you eat…i think that only takes effect if your opinion about yourself is crappy.

But anyway. Yeah I don't think I'd like anybody to write me a song.

Sooo I might have to dump over a grand in my car now all the sudden. There is white smoke coming out of my exhaust and I've been told that is prolly a head gasket problem…sadly its cheap to buy but the labour isn't so right there I'm looking at $800 and then still my clutch…another $400…but I'm going to try to think positive about this and maybe its not the head gasket. And so far it hasn't caused me too much problems except for that one day. But no matter what I'm not taking my 1TB external hard drive back. I've worked long and hard for that…that will be a early birthday gift to me.

And other news is that I've gotten past that part in my game…pissed me off because there is 2 bosses and 1 mini boss right in a row. Luckily after the 2 mini bosses you get life and magic replenished but then in the mini boss it would freeze on me…so I took it back and got a replacement. This one is better. But so far the story is really great. That's one thing I like about final fantasy type games is the stories I just wish oblivion type games could make a story that good but there just 2 different type of games.

Anyway break is almost done so I'm going to end my blog here

Oh yeah I was very happy the other day I got to smack this one goth girls ass because she wanted me too…too bad she tries too hard AT EVERYTHING
Darkmaer Bloodmoon )O(
In Love and Light
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